Refreshing a Career

The one-stop resource for career changers and employers

Refreshing a Career

The one-stop resource for career changers and employers

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Did You Know?


47% of people don’t find their careers fulfilling (source: First Direct)


During lockdown, 1 in 5 people have used their free time to plan for a new career (source: Total Jobs)


25% of people are keen to switch careers and learn a new skill (source: First Direct)

Welcome to Refreshing a Career; the dedicated site for starting a new career or retraining.

Our aim is to help and encourage any individual looking to change their career, get back into work or further their skill set at any stage of their life. We also offer advice to employers who may have been approached by a career change candidate or want to know more about the benefits of hiring an individual embarking on a new career.

We understand that a career change is a big decision & we know that whether you change your career at 30, 40 or 50, there is a lot to consider and knowing where to start is key in helping you reach your career goals.

One of the most significant benefits of refreshing your career at a later stage is the fact you will have many transferable skills that employers look for despite moving into a different sector. Start a new career and feel empowered, confident and happy in your dream job.

We’re here to support career change job seekers and employers to help everyone fulfil their potential.

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