10 of the Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated January 6, 2022

Retirement is a great time to enjoy life for many people. You have more free time than ever before, and you can do what you want when you want. But sometimes being retired can lead to people feeling bored or unproductive, driving them to look for part-time flexible employment. We all know that jobs are scarce in today’s economy, but there are plenty of jobs out there if you’re willing to look. This article will take a look at ten great job ideas for retirees, why they might be ideal for older people and why they can make financial sense too.  

1. Tutoring 

Tutoring is the perfect job for retirees because it’s challenging, rewarding, and flexible. You can tutor part-time; choose your hours and how many people you want to tutor. If you’re comfortable with technology, tutoring can now be conducted remotely via video conference. This means that you can tutor from the comfort of your own home with anyone in the UK or abroad. While making a little money, it’s also a great way to share your knowledge of your chosen field with the next generation! 

2. Gardening 

If you have a green thumb or simply enjoy being outside, gardening jobs could be perfect for you. Many people pay others to trim their hedges or mow their lawns during the summer months. These jobs are low-stress and can be conducted part-time and on weekends, so they fit into your schedule perfectly! 

3. Writing jobs 

There are jobs available for writers in almost every industry. Writers are needed to write anything and everything, from press releases for companies to articles for magazines and books about nearly anything you can imagine. Most jobs in this industry don’t require a lot of physical labour and some can be done from home if you’ve got access to a computer, so they could be ideal if you’re retired but still want some income each month. 

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4. Pet/House Sitter 

Many people have pets that they want to be looked after when they’re out of town. If you enjoy being around animals, pet and house-sitting jobs are an excellent option for you! Many families don’t feel comfortable leaving their furry loved ones in the care of strangers, so housesitting jobs offer an opportunity where the family already knows and trusts you. Compared to other jobs, this should also be relatively low-maintenance and not too disruptive to your routine! 

5. Customer Service Jobs 

Jobs that involve customer service are available in every industry. These jobs might include tasks such as working at a call centre or answering emails for an online company. Many of these jobs can be done from home and require very little physical labour, so they could work well with your current schedule if you’re retired. 

6. Cafeteria Worker 

Many nursing homes, hospitals, and schools have jobs available as cafeteria workers. These jobs require physical labour but are generally pretty easy to do. Working at a hospital or school might be ideal if you want to maintain connections with the local community and enjoy socialising with others. Jobs like these are a great way to get you out of the house for a few hours each day. 

7. Driving Jobs 

Driving jobs are available for those with a car and a current driver’s license. These jobs can typically be done part-time, on weekends, or during the evening after work hours. Many schools need drivers to transport students from one place to another while some companies might need deliveries made around town. Other alternatives include self-employed work for companies such as Uber or Just Eat. You could also consider driving jobs for the NHS.

8. Retail Jobs 

Many jobs in the retail industry are perfect for those who are retired. Retail jobs can be done on a part-time basis, and many require little physical labour. With technological developments, there are now many opportunities to work in retail from home. For example, conducting admin, stocking, and sales can all be conducted remotely. 

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9. Secretary/Bookkeeper 

If you’re not ready to give up an office environment just yet, a part-time secretarial or bookkeeping role could be ideal for you. Many retirees find jobs as secretaries and bookkeepers because they’re able to work at home if requested but also have the option to travel to work. Additionally, many jobs in this industry don’t require constant attention or a lot of physical labour, so these jobs could be ideal if you want the comfort of working from home but still need some income coming in each month! 

10. Volunteering 

While volunteering doesn’t bring in an income, it can be extremely rewarding for retirees. Volunteer jobs could include coaching children’s sports teams, helping out at a local charity or even just helping out with local community events. Many of these jobs can be highly flexible, so they won’t disrupt your current routine too much! 

Hopefully, our list of the 10 best part-time jobs for retirees has inspired you to find the role for you! These jobs can all provide decent part-time income for retired people looking to earn some extra money each month without doing anything too strenuous.  

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