4 Interesting Courses on Offer at the Open University

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated September 8, 2020

The Open University is a world-leading digital university. They pride themselves on their flexible learning and ethos that everybody deserves access to education.

They offer many of their courses for part-time study to ensure other commitments such as work and family don’t become a barrier to learning. If you are asking yourself, how can I retrain around my current schedule? Then The Open University might be for you.

The Open University offers courses that cover a broad spectrum, from traditional degrees such as Maths and English Literature to some less expected courses. We want to spotlight some of these unique courses, so you can be inspired to get back into education!

Environmental Management

  • Course type: Master’s degree
  • Course length: Minimum of three years

This course will give you the expert knowledge needed to make environmental choices at a managerial level; whether that is to advise a business on its sustainability goals or to address the challenges of energy conservation and the climate crisis on a global level. You will study environmental policy, natural resource management and much more.

Psychology with Counselling

  • Course type: Bachelor’s degree
  • Course length: Part-time 6 years, Full-time 3 years

This course outlines how psychological theories, models and methods are applied in the practical and professional context of counselling. You will learn about different psychological perspectives and how they can help people through therapy and counselling. This course may help to give your life new meaning and purpose through learning to help others, so could be an excellent choice for those who are changing their career in their forties or fifties to find new satisfaction.

Design and Innovation

  • Course type: Diploma of Higher Education
  • Course length: Part-time 4 years, Full-time 2 years

Studying this course will teach you how to use creative and innovative thinking to solve problems in everyday life. It will be a combination of online study using an online design studio, alongside a practical element. You will also take a 60-credit course from another subject to expand your knowledge, such as health and social care or engineering.

Criminology and Law

  • Course type: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Course length: Part-time 6 years, Full-time 3 years

This course zooms in on our legal system and its functions in our society, analysing its relationship to crime and criminal justice. You will study topics such as terrorism, cyber-crime, human rights violation and inequality, and you will learn how to make informed judgments on the law and its political, historical, economic, and social dimensions.

These are just some of the fantastic innovative courses on offer. If you are choosing a new career, remember to look outside the box; you may find you have skills in an area you have never even heard of.

The Open University is only one institution. Also consider night courses or Adult Apprenticeships as a way to change careers.

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