9 Remote Tech Jobs to Consider in 2022

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated June 1, 2022

The world has seen some changes in recent years and it has led to many people in the UK and across the world reassessing their working life. Whether that is a completely new career direction, more flexible working hours, or a job that is 100% remote – digital technology has created more tech jobs and reshaped working practices.

Technology-related jobs are tempting people across the country to learn a new skill and expertise. This can help secure a well-paying, fully remote career that is both challenging and rewarding.

In this article, we will discuss the motivations behind starting a new career in tech. We’ll also detail the 9 best tech jobs at the moment to point you in the right direction.

Why You Should Consider Retraining for a New Career in Tech

Perhaps you have just stumbled across this article and the tech industry is a relative unknown. You may be wondering what all the fuss is about and why so many people are choosing to ditch their old jobs and pursue a new digital career path.

That’s why we have put together a bite-size list of the main benefits of switching to a new career in tech.

  • The vast majority of jobs in tech are very well paid, resulting in a pay increase for most people who switch careers. Tech companies also put a lot of focus on developing a great work culture, offering many perks, both financial and social.
  • Many tech jobs are fully remote and offer flexible working hours to help manage your work/life balance. With a fully remote job in tech, you could even embrace the life of a digital nomad, working while travelling, a lifestyle that is now enjoyed by millions of people.
  • The tech industry also provides great job security and is less impacted by economic changes when compared to most sectors, while many tech-based companies are subject to significant investment.
  • Tech jobs are changing all the time, requiring workers to stay on top of industry advancements and adapt their skills. This is perfect for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge and wants a non-linear role that is constantly evolving.
  • Tech impacts the way we live, with apps becoming increasingly more advanced and able to assist in countless ways, while the widespread use of cryptocurrency is also likely to change the way we bank and invest. Therefore, working in tech industries allows you to play a part in shaping the future for younger generations.

What Are the Best Jobs in Tech for Remote Working?

We have put together a list of the 9 best tech jobs in 2022 that are ideal if you are yearning for a more challenging vocation or searching for a digital nomad opportunity. From mobile app development to working in the cryptocurrency industry, we’re sure you will find a role that appeals.

1. Software Engineer

One of the main roles someone might stumble across when looking for the highest-paying tech jobs. Software Engineer is quite a broad term as it requires knowledge of a host of different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and SQL.

You will be required to create custom software from scratch, test, analyse and improve existing software. You’ll also liaise with other coders and designers to deliver complex projects.

It is likely that you will need to have a degree in a field relating to computer science, IT, or mathematics to be considered for any software engineer roles. There are also many reputable online courses to help you learn to code and train to be a software developer.

2. UX Architect/ Designers

A UX (User Experience) Architect is an expert who understands the requirements of individual users when navigating and engaging with websites, mobile apps, and digital interfaces. A UX designer must have extensive web development knowledge and be able to code both the front and back end of websites to implement required changes and conduct testing.

Although a degree in a related discipline is advantageous, a strong and varied portfolio is much more important when applying for this kind of role.

3. Data Scientist

A Data Scientist conducts experiments online to create machine learning mechanisms and provides complex analytics and metrics relating to a range of digital products. This helps to improve usability and assists businesses in making better decisions to increase growth and productivity.

A computer science degree and a good understanding of statistics and mathematics are usually required for this role, as well as a knowledge of a range of programming languages.

4. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain technology manages and verifies cryptocurrency transactions. It can be implemented across a host of different projects transforming the way organisations, and even governments, think about finance.

A Blockchain Engineer must have excellent programming skills and a thorough knowledge of Linux and the technologies behind cryptocurrencies. This includes their protocols, methodology, and functionality.

A computer science degree and two years of experience working in the cryptocurrency/ blockchain sector are generally required to be considered for this role.

5. Web Developer

Web Developers design and create web pages to deliver the content we consume on a daily basis (such as this article). This makes it one of the most important and demanding digital jobs. Web developers are usually one of the highest-paying tech jobs in the UK.

Web Developers must know a range of programming languages, have a good eye for design and have expert knowledge of UX and computer frameworks. To be a Web Developer, you will need a relevant degree and a strong portfolio. It is also preferable to have a number of certifications relating to the development of websites.

6. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects are extremely well paid, managing the cloud computing requirements of large businesses that are vital to their operation. As such an important resource, expert Cloud Architects are always in demand and can command very impressive salaries.

You must have expert knowledge in cloud computing architecture and a complete understanding of the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. As this role will also require you to provide constant support to individuals across the business, you must also be a great communicator.

You will need a relevant degree and a number of years of experience working in the cloud computing industry.

7. Python Developer

Many younger people are training to become Python Developers which is a universally popular programming language. It focuses on creating code that can be used across a range of software, from machine learning to data mining.

Experience in developing software with Python and a knowledge of other programming languages will be needed when applying. A computer science degree would also be helpful. This can be one of the best-paying entry-level tech jobs in 2022.

8. Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps play a huge part in people’s daily lives. Developers must have a wide range of skills and knowledge to create apps worth downloading. You must be creative, innovative, have good problem-solving skills, and understand business.

In addition to a relevant degree, employers also require experience developing apps for both Android and iOS.

9. Java Developer

Java focuses on meeting the needs of the user and providing high speeds. Developers must have strong testing and problem-solving skills, expert knowledge of user design, and be able to work within a team.

To become a Java Developer, you will need an engineering or computer science degree. You’ll also need enough experience developing apps with Java and using associated frameworks.

Key Takeaways

Thank you for reading and we wish you luck in your search for a new and exciting career in tech. If you would like to read more about how to change careers and determine what roles might be the best fit for you, then feel free to browse the other articles in our weekly blogs section.

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