If you are choosing to refresh your career to find more happiness and fulfilment at work, then it’s essential to be inspired by what you decided to go onto next. Inspiration can come from all around us and can be a reminder that your job can be enjoyable, creative, challenging and rewarding, while also paying the bills.

You might be asking yourself, how can I be inspired when looking for a new career? Here are our top tips:

  1. Focus on what you already enjoy. It can be so easy to get into a career rut, where you feel there is no job you will enjoy or no chance of satisfaction in your career. Instead, try to think about what you enjoy outside of work. If you spend the whole day looking forward to playing tennis after work or hiking on the weekends, then do some research about what careers could encompass some of your passions, or at least aspects of them.You may not be able to become a professional tennis player or hike for a living. Still, it can be really useful to isolate what is it about these things that you enjoy. Maybe it’s the outdoors, or the teamwork. These are the qualities you can look for in a new career.
  1. Think ahead. When refreshing your career, it’s good to remember that you might not land your dream role straight away, but have ambition and think of where you would like to be in two years or ten years. From these goals, you can work backwards to think about what training or part-time study might help you get there.
  1. Talk to people in your life. Nobody knows you better than your best friends and family, and they will see what you are good at and be able to recognise your strengths, maybe even better than you! Ask them for inspiration about what careers they can see you in; they might spark a new idea that you wouldn’t have thought of.Talking to other people can also be a great way to learn about different careers. There are so many jobs out there it can be overwhelming; listening to somebody give a first-hand account of what they do could be just the inspiration you need.
  1. Think about the bigger picture. Sometimes it can be useful to zoom out and think about why we work. Ask yourself, what do I want to achieve? What do I want to give back to society? What is my purpose as an employee?People who find this purpose go on to feel very motivated and fulfilled at work, as they know what they are contributing to the bigger picture. For some people, this might be working with those more vulnerable than themselves. For others, it may be helping to build the infrastructure of our society.
  1. Speak to your current employer. A small shift in role or environment can be enough to shake up some people’s work-life and bring the inspiration back to their job. Speak to your employer about what other opportunities are available. This might be working in a new department with a new team, or getting the chance to travel for work.

Have a look through our pages on confidence tips, work-life balance tips and what career is right for you, to be inspired further. These pages will help you to take the steps needed to reinvigorate your life at work and feel able to achieve your potential.