There are many benefits of employing a career changer. Therefore, it is essential to understand who they are, the type of skills they possess and how to attract them to your business.

What is a Career Change Candidate?

Recruitment can be a costly process for a business. Employers suffer a drop in productivity during the hiring process as they look to fill positions. Moreover, the recruitment process itself can be expensive. There are costs for advertising as well as the time and resources spent on filtering applications, interviewing, selecting candidates, induction training, and so on. Not to mention that recruiting the wrong employee can add even more expense.

In order to find the right employee, it is increasingly important that an employer does not discriminate in the recruitment process. Discrimination usually refers to gender, age, race or ability. However, it can also refer to candidates who are seeking a career change.

Traditionally, career change candidates have represented a problem. People tend to believe they can be unreliable, unpredictable and prone to hopping from job to job without notice. Nevertheless, employing a candidate looking to refresh their career can also be an opportunity for your business. It gives your business a chance to think outside the box. You can employ someone with ambition who reflects the success you want your organisation to have.

Benefits of Employing a Career Changer

We take a look at some of the key advantages of employing a career changer for your business.

  • Passion

    Changing careers isn’t a decision that people make lightly. An incredible amount of thought and planning goes into the decision, coupled with feelings of fear and uncertainty. The person who makes this decision is brave, adaptable, determined and passionate. They are willing to take calculated risks in order to have a career in something they are passionate about. All in all, this kind of candidate could be a valuable asset for your business.

  • New Ideas

    People who come into your business from different careers and backgrounds can bring real worth to your organisation. They provide value with new ideas and a fresh approach. In turn, they can re-invigorate your business and their co-workers. Career changers can also bring a wide variety of skills and a new perspective on established practices, policies and procedures. You need your workforce to be inquisitive and challenging. This will help to keep your business on the front foot and always moving forward.

  • Open-Minded

    An employee who has changed careers is often open-minded. They tend not to have any preconceptions about your business or the industry you operate in. Because of how they approach the jobs market, people changing careers can’t afford to be rigid or narrow-minded. Subsequently, they will bring creativity and collaboration to your business. Career changers are likely to be independent, flexible and able to adopt new habits. These are the traits of a great leader but also of someone who thrives in a team environment.

  • Diversity

    Employing people from different backgrounds and career paths welcomes diversity and revitalises your organisation. This practice and approach will also mean you are open to recruiting the best talent available.

  • Willing Learners

    People who are pivoting careers are willing to take on new scenarios, information and procedures. Many times, a candidate will be willing to start with an apprenticeship or internship. This demonstrates a high level of determination and commitment which are positive attributes for new employees in your organisation.

  • Dynamic

    Recruiting a candidate looking to refresh their career means that you will have a more focused, driven and dynamic employee. In critical situations, you need quick thinkers and people who can make key decisions. These qualities are inherent in a career change candidate who has recently taken the leap into a fresh career.

Attracting Career Changers

The labour market has seen some radical changes over recent years. Nowadays, businesses see the need to prove themselves a good fit for candidates, as well as vice versa. Thus, agreeing on a contract of employment with a career changer will be a personal achievement for them. However, it will also demonstrate the qualities of your organisation.

As a result of the qualities outlined above, employing a career changer will provide you with an asset to your organisation. By matching their personal ambitions with those of your organisation, you create a mutually beneficial arrangement. This will bring out the best in both the employee and the employer.

Modern career changers use online platforms when searching for their new career. It’s therefore essential to advertise your available positions on specialist job boards like ours.

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