Further advice for employers looking for local level assistance in recruiting people looking to refresh their careers.

Targeting good employees

General advice on what to look for in a good career change candidate is one thing, but the actual recruitment process involves finding local resources you can connect with and who can provide the quality of candidate that you need. Drilling down into a local recruitment drive can mean different things in different locations, but many big cities in the UK, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow share similar organisations which would be a good place to start and enable you to find the best route to good employees in a competitive marketplace.


Online recruitment agencies are ideal organisations to partner with, as they can supply local people and tailor job profiles to attract career change candidates. Furthermore, they can identify people specifically looking to refresh their career and put you in contact with them. The UK in general is covered by major agencies such as Indeed, JobSite, Reed, Hays, Total Jobs, SimplyHIred and Switch.


Universities and further education establishments are good organisations to partner with, as they have a steady flow of people of all ages who have graduated, and in some cases are re-qualified, and are entering the jobs market. Building formal links with education bodies in your area may give you a healthy advantage in targeting good employees.

Local Government

Most locations in the UK have a recruitment programme led by their local Government offices, so you can look online and try to build links as an employer looking to recruit apprentices of any age, or adult learners looking to re-train.

Social media

As an employer, your own social media channels can be a good source of recruitment as you can use specialist techniques to directly reach your target audience and attract suitable candidates in your location. You can also use platforms such as LinkedIn to search for and reach people looking for apprenticeships or for adult learners who are open to career change. LinkedIn can make it very easy to search a network of people and directly target your ideal candidates.