5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Career

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated August 24, 2020

Deciding to change career is no small decision. This is why we have put together a list of the top 5 things to consider when choosing your next job.

Determine Why You Want a Change

Pinpointing why you have been unhappy in your recent job is an important step in figuring out what role you are looking for next. Finding your purpose is not something that typically happens overnight, but acknowledging your passions and interests is a starting point. From there you can identify all the aspects you don’t particularly enjoy in a job and rule these factors out of your search moving forward. Whether this relates to the duties, the work environment or even dissatisfaction with pay, recognising what you don’t want is as important as what you do want.

Make Sure You Understand the Job Role You are Interested In

Once you have decided on a job you are interested in pursuing, it is vital to do some research so you can understand what exactly is involved in the role. On top of this, research the company advertising the opportunity. Position duties and responsibilities will vary depending on the employer, so it is beneficial to get a feel of the company and its culture before jumping straight in.

Consider the Potential Growth Opportunities

If you are looking at this leap as your last career change, you will want to know whether there are any progression opportunities attached to the role you are going to be applying for. Figure out whether the company is expecting a significant level of growth or if they are offering a short-term opportunity instead.

Typically, this will depend on the size and type of the company in question. If further progression is something you are looking for this could be a dealbreaker, but there are plenty of positives to not having to worry about climbing the corporate ladder, so a role with fewer opportunities may be perfect for you.

Think About the Location

When considering changing career, it is essential to think about the location. Are you looking for a job that is a 10-minute walk down the road or are you okay with a more extended commute morning and evening? Is relocation an option for you, or are you looking for a job based around remote working? All of these options will affect your personal life; how much time you get to spend with your family and friends, and ultimately impact your work-life balance.

Find Out About the Salary and Benefits Package

It is essential to acknowledge the possible financial implications that may be attached to a career change. Although money isn’t everything, it is beneficial to make a note of the minimum salary you would be willing to accept, so you don’t find yourself in financial difficulties as a result.

Whilst researching the potential role, make sure to find out the typical salary plus benefits such as holiday, wellness programmes, and health care packages attached. This will hopefully help you to decide whether the switch is going to be a viable option for you.

It is important to recognise that you are not alone when making this big decision. Talk to family, friends and others within your support network, and even consider seeking advice from any contacts within the field you are looking at moving into.

If you want to discover more about switching jobs, our Refreshing a Career site has an abundance of information covering topics such as refreshing your skills, retraining, and finding help in your local area.

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