How to Remain Resilient When Changing Careers

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated October 30, 2020

Changing careers can bring about a considerable level of uncertainty. It can be hard to remain positive if you have received a series of knockbacks when looking for your next role. Resilience is vital to keep moving forwards.

It is essential to have the ability to adapt to change, limit damage in uncertain times and spot opportunities amongst a sea of problems. Resilience is something you can learn throughout your life and is a helpful trait for both your working and personal life.

To help you on your way, we have compiled some top tips on how to build your resilience:

1. Stay positive

Although it may be more challenging than it sounds, remaining positive is essential in your job search. Take a step back and have a look at the bigger picture. Think about the future and try not to get stuck in the here and now. Focus on your strengths and what you can do instead of worrying about what you can’t.

2. Network

Continually building a network of people around you can come in handy when amid a new job search. Understandably, looking for a new role can be isolating, so be sure to reach out to friends and past colleagues for some support and advice. They might be able to put you in contact with businesses who have current opportunities you would be otherwise unaware of.

Alongside this, why not consider joining a job search group? Being in contact with people who are going through the same process as you can be highly beneficial. You can share your successes and frustrations as well as providing and receiving tips from fellow job seekers in the same situation.

3. Ask for feedback

You may experience several job application rejections along the way. It is crucial to turn this potentially negative situation into a positive one by asking for feedback. You may be able to identify areas you need to work and improve on for next time, giving you that extra edge. As well as this, it will also help you in handling constructive criticism, a skill that is highly valued by employers, allowing you to develop your performance continually.

4. Don’t give up

Taking the leap to switch careers is a huge step in itself. For you to do this, you clearly must have been unhappy in your current role. It is essential to keep moving forwards no matter what challenges and hurdles you face; you will find a job that is perfect for you in the end. This may take a few weeks, a few months or even a year or more, but as people say, good things are worth waiting for.

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Last Updated: Friday October 30 2020
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