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Are you looking for a career change? Data analyst jobs provide career changers with a new direction in a fast-growing and exciting industry. Read on to find out more.


What does a Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst is like a detective – they gather clues (data) to help solve business problems and identify opportunities. Their primary job is to take complex data and turn it into insights that anyone can understand.

Each day, a data analyst wears many hats:

  • The Collector – They gather data from different sources, like websites, sensors, social media, surveys, etc. Think of them as researching for clues.
  • The Organiser – They structure and format the data to make it usable. This involves cleaning missing or messy data.
  • The Investigator – They analyse and examine the data to spot trends and patterns, like how certain products sell or how weather affects sales.
  • The Storyteller – They create dashboards, charts and reports that clearly explain the data insights and trends to managers and teams.
  • The Predictor – They use data to build models that automatically predict future outcomes, like which customers might stop buying.
  • The Explorer – They constantly learn new data tools and techniques to improve their analysis on an ongoing basis.
  • The Team Player – They collaborate with different teams to brainstorm how data analysis can help make better business decisions.

In essence, a data analyst turns piles of data into key insights that help drive business strategy. Their skills help companies make data-backed decisions rather than gut feelings. It’s an exciting career for the curious-minded.



So, what education do you need to become a data analyst? A bachelor’s degree is typical, though not required. Relevant degrees help, like business, computer science, math or statistics – but any degree works if you gain data skills.

Master’s degrees and bootcamps can be useful for specialising or changing careers, but aren’t mandatory. The key is building a solid skills foundation in data manipulation, statistics, programming, visualisation and communication. Many employers care more about your experience and project portfolio than your degree subject.


Benefits of a Career in Data Analysis

Here are some of the top benefits of data analyst jobs for career changers:

High Demand

Data analyst roles are in high demand in the UK. As data becomes more central to decision making, companies need professionals who can derive insights from that data.

Salary Potential

Data analysts are well compensated, especially as they gain experience. Average salaries for mid-career analysts reach £50,000 or more. There is great earning potential over time.

Lifelong Learning

You constantly get to expand your skills in statistics, programming, visualisation tools and other cutting-edge technologies. Ongoing learning is part of the job.

Future Prospects

A career in data analysis sets you up for senior roles like data scientist or manager. Analytical skills are valued across many industries as well.


Data analysts learn how to take complex findings and communicate them clearly to different audiences with visualisations and presentations.


How to Prepare for a Career Change to Data Analysis

Here are 5 effective ways for career changers to gain data analytics skills:

  • Take online courses in Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau and other key tools.
  • Get certified in data programmes like Google Analytics, IBM Data Science, etc.
  • Complete a data bootcamp or certification programme for hands-on learning.
  • Pursue a master’s degree in data science or analytics.
  • Build your portfolio with real-world data projects and highlight transferable skills.

It’s possible to transition into data analytics within 12 months. So, take advantage of the wealth of available online resources and stay motivated to reach your career aspirations.


Finding Data Analyst Jobs for Career Changers

So, if you feel like you would be up to the challenge in this exciting field, why not begin your job search for data analyst jobs today?

Check out the Refreshing a Career Data Analyst job board for all the latest opportunities near you.

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