Self-Employed Driving Jobs

Are you considering self-employed driving jobs? As a career changer, there are plenty of options available for those looking to go out on their own as a driver. Read on to find out more.

With the rise of app-based ride sharing and delivery services, working as a self-employed driver offers flexibility and decent pay. What’s more, you will be your own boss and decide when you want to work. For career changers, this is an excellent, scalable option that allows you to take control of your schedule.

Benefits of Freelance Driving Jobs

Making a career change to work as a self-employed driver comes with a range of benefits

  • Flexible schedules: Control your hours and work when it suits you so you have a better work/life balance
  • Quick start earning potential: With rideshare and delivery platforms, you can start making money faster
  • Be your own boss: As an independent contractor, you don’t answer to any manager or company
  • Easy entry: Administrative needs are mostly handled by the driving apps
  • Build a customer base: Good service can lead to repeat business and earning potential
  • Scalable income: The harder you work, the more money you can make
  • Freedom: Ability to set your schedule week-to-week around other commitments

The perks are clear but it’s still hard work. You’ll need to be motivated and disciplined to continue earning a decent wage. That being said, self-employed driving jobs for career changers allow you to work around existing commitments, such as family, study or another job.

Career Change Self-Employed Driving Jobs

We’ll now go into further detail about the types of self-employed driving jobs that exist. Some jobs offer higher earning potential than others depending on your level of experience and qualifications.

Rideshare Driving

Apps like Uber and Bolt have nearly 200,000 drivers using their platforms in the UK. These apps allow drivers to easily pick up passengers and earn money by driving them where they need to go (like a taxi). As a self-employed driver, you get to choose your schedule and work as much or as little as you like. The apps connect you with riders in your area, provide navigation and fare estimates, and handle all payments seamlessly through the app.

Requirements are typically having a suitable 4-door vehicle, a valid UK driver’s licence for at least 2 years, insurance, and passing a background check. It’s an accessible way to start earning straight away without huge startup costs.

Food and Parcel Delivery

Services like Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Amazon offer self-employment driving opportunities delivering takeaways, groceries or packages straight to customers’ doors. Yon’t need much to get started: a smartphone with data, storage space in your vehicle for orders, and GPS navigation (on your phone will do) are enough to start earning money.

This type of work offers flexibility in your schedule. Jobs are available across the UK but most opportunities exist in towns and cities. As an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for paying self-employment taxes and you’ll also need to pay for fuel and vehicle upkeep.

Taxi Driving

If you’re looking for greater earning potential, driving a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle is a great option. This type of driving requires more licensing and training, but this is reflected in your take-home pay.

To get started, you’ll need to obtain a private hire licence or taxi driver licence from your local council or Transport for London (TfL) if you want to work there. This will involve medical exams, background checks, a ‘knowledge’ test and more.

While costs for vehicle licensing, insurance and maintenance are high, taxi fares are regulated by the government. You also have the chance to build up regular customers. This option offers independence and job security hard to match in rideshare driving.

Finding Self-Employed Driving Jobs

If you’re ready to begin your search for self-employed driving jobs, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our self-employed driving job board for all the latest opportunities in your area.

Visit our Career Changer Support Hub for a wealth of useful tips and resources for anyone considering making a career change.

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