Jobs for Ex-Social Workers UK

If you’re ready to make a career change and are looking for jobs for ex-social workers UK, then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to find out more.

Despite the fact that a social worker’s purpose is to support individuals and their families through difficult times, it can be a thankless job. Your actions and decisions can have life-altering effects on people’s lives, and this often leads to burnout and emotional exhaustion among social workers.

In fact, a Community Care study showed that a staggering 91% of social workers showed moderate to high levels of emotional exhaustion caused by their job. However, the exact same percentage of social workers also scored in the high category in relation to personal accomplishment. This suggests that in order to feel successful in their careers, social workers must push themselves beyond their limits.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that a large number of people look for alternative jobs for social workers in an attempt to strike a better work/life balance.

Jobs for Ex-Social Workers UK

We’ll take a look at some of the best jobs for ex-social workers so you have a better idea of your options when making a career change:


Chaplains are responsible for ensuring that the religious and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones are met in a range of secular organisations. They provide guidance, support and practical help to people with and without faith in times of crisis such as illness, bereavement, depression or emotional issues. Chaplains work in a variety of places from hospitals to schools to prisons, among many more.

It would be necessary to retrain and complete a degree or professional qualification in order to become a chaplain. However, the skills and experience you’ve gained as a social worker will benefit you in this role. 

Community Development Worker

The job of a community development worker is to help communities bring about social change. The overall goal is to improve the quality of life in their local area. This is done by acting as a link between communities and other local authorities and voluntary sector providers, like the police, social workers, and teachers. 

Your experience as a social worker will transfer well to this position. Moreover, this area of work is open to all graduates and those with a Higher National Diploma in any subject so no retraining would be necessary.

Life Coach

As a life coach, you’ll work closely with your clients to help them achieve their potential. By identifying their strengths and areas for development, you’ll be able to assist them in making important decisions and positive changes in their lives. Life coaches tend to specialise in certain areas like career coaching, personal development, relationships, health and well-being, among many others. 

Most life coaches are self-employed and there is no regulated service involved. That being said, your clients will expect you to be accredited by a professional body. The University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) offers an undergraduate Certificate in Coaching, which would be a great place to start.


Mediators are responsible for helping people reach acceptable outcomes to family, legal, and employment disputes. You’ll act as a neutral party, listening to and understanding all sides of an argument. Your aim is to help people reach an agreement so that they don’t have to go to court. 

It’s commonplace for people with a degree in social work to move to a career as a mediator.  Accredited training programmes are also available to those who wish to make this career change, such as the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) or the Family Mediation Council (FMC).

Finding Jobs For Former Social Workers

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