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Are you interested in a career in interior design? There are plenty of opportunities in London for career changers in this exciting and ever-evolving industry. Read on to find out more about interior design jobs London.

For anyone looking to make a career change, the capital city is where the majority of opportunities can be found. And the same is true for interior design jobs for career changers. As one of the world’s major design hubs, London is home to many prestigious design firms, retailers, studios, and more that are always on the lookout for talented interior designers.

Here is an overview of the interior design career landscape in London and what you need to know if considering this career path.


Why Switch to Interior Design?

We’ll begin by looking at the benefits of making a career change to interior design in London:

  • Express creativity – Interior design allows you to use your artistic talents and aesthetic vision daily. Each new project is a chance to problem solve and create beautiful, functional spaces.
  • Flexible work options – Interior designers can work for design firms, independently, or on a freelance basis allowing for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Opportunity for growth – Talented designers can build their skills, earn promotions, and gain increasing authority over projects. Successful designers may eventually open their own firms.
  • Strong industry outlook – Demand for skilled interior designers continues to grow in London and beyond.


Education and Training

While there are no strict educational requirements, most interior design roles will expect you to have a background in a related field. Useful qualifications include a degree, foundation degree or HND in:

  • interior design
  • interior architecture
  • 3D design
  • art and design
  • spatial design

Other routes into the industry include completing an interior design course or apprenticeship programme. These can provide you with the technical skills and design training you need to start a career, even without a design-related degree. You’ll need to gain relevant experience and cultivate the creative flair necessary to succeed in this industry. Needless to say, ongoing professional development and training is also highly encouraged.


Working as an Interior Designer in London

As an interior designer in London, no two days will be the same. Key responsibilities can include meeting clients to determine their needs and style preferences, creating 2D drawings and 3D models, selecting materials and furnishings, project management, collaborating with architects and tradespeople, and overseeing installation.

Most designers split their time between the office and client sites as they oversee projects from concept to completion. Strong communication, organisation, time management and problem-solving abilities are crucial for success in this fast-paced and dynamic industry.

Salaries can vary greatly based on experience, employer, and position. Those just starting tend to make around £18,000-£26,000, while experienced designers can make upwards of £45,000.


Key Skills and Qualities

If you’re considering a career change to interior design, there are certain skills and qualities that you’ll need. First and foremost, you need to be creative. Along with this creativity, you must have a strong knowledge of design principles, styles, trends, and materials. An eye for aesthetics, strong visualisation skills, and attention to detail are also essential.

Since a designer’s work impacts how a space looks and functions, technical skills like space planning are key. An ability to communicate ideas and collaborate with clients and contractors is vital as well. Passion, flexibility, and business and management skills also help interior designers succeed and advance.


Finding Interior Design Jobs in London

There are so many advantages to transitioning to a career in interior design in London. And, as property development and renovation continue to drive demand, the need for talented interior designers will only increase.

Check out the Refreshing a Career interior design jobs board for all the latest opportunities in your area.

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