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With the unemployment rate in the UK at an all-time low of 3.8%, what better time to consider making a change in your career. After all, with a low unemployment rate comes a skills shortage. And with a record 1.3 million job vacancies in the three months up to May 2022, employers are in desperate need of staff to fill roles in their businesses. This gives anyone looking for career change jobs Manchester a huge advantage during the interview process. It’s much more likely that you’ll have your needs met by the employer in areas like salary and job flexibility and remote working options.

Living and Working in Manchester

Whether you already live in Manchester or you’re considering moving there for work, it’s an excellent option for career changers. As the third-largest city in the UK with one of the strongest economies, the job sector in Manchester is flourishing. Although it has mainly been known as a manufacturing city, there’s a huge job market in sectors such as hospitality, retail, media, and technology.

Manchester is a vibrant cultural hub with galleries, museums, restaurants, cafes, and shops city-wide. Plus, with the cost of living in Manchester currently 32% cheaper than in London, your hard-earned cash will go a lot further.

Retraining in Manchester

There are plenty of places in Manchester for career changes to retrain. With training centres dotted around the city, you’ll have no difficulty finding a course that suits your needs. You can study towards a certificate, diploma or degree at these centres. You may also be able to train on the job, with adult apprenticeships offered by some workplaces.

Jobs for Career Changers in Manchester

There’s a huge demand for workers in Manchester so you won’t have difficulty finding the career change job that works for you. Here are just a few popular jobs career change jobs available in Manchester.


Manchester is the second most visited city in England after London so the hospitality industry is booming. There are plenty of job opportunities in hotels, restaurants and the sports tourism sector. Employers are currently seeing a significant shortage in managerial skills.


The retail sector in Manchester is huge with no shortage of job opportunities. This sector is an excellent option for career changers. It has shown significant growth in the over 60 age group so don’t let fears of a younger workforce stop you from applying. Confidence is key in this sector.


The tech industry in Manchester is looking for people who have the transferable skills that are right for the job. Even if you have never worked in the industry, employers know that hard skills can be taught but the soft ones are much harder to find.

Marketing, Media and Advertising

This field has an array of job possibilities no matter what your background is. There are many large agencies based in Manchester with a high demand for people with skills in marketing, photography, and graphic design.

Finding Career Change Jobs in Manchester

Are you looking for the perfect career change job? Check out our live jobs board regularly for up-to-date listings on career change jobs in Manchester. We have tons of help and advice for career changers who are looking to refresh their skills or are starting a new career later in life.

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