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If you’re looking for no experience jobs Birmingham, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through the employment options in Birmingham that don’t require any previous experience.

No matter what stage of your professional life you find yourself in, it’s not uncommon to want to make a career change. In fact, between the years 2010 and 2018, the percentage of people changing jobs every year in the UK almost doubled from 5.7% to 10.9%.

So, if you’re ready to make a career change but are worried about your level of experience, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of jobs with no experience in Birmingham.

Living and Working in Birmingham

An excellent place to live and work, Birmingham boasts a wealth of jobs with no experience for career changers. Overall, the cost of living in Birmingham is 33% cheaper than in nearby London. And you can expect to pay half of what you’d pay on rent in the capital.

Birmingham is a transport hub with easy connections to all major UK cities. For instance, London is only an hour and a half away by train. There’s a top-class network of trains, buses, and trams within the city, so you don’t need to have a car to get around. This will help to reduce your monthly expenses.

With chic areas like Digbeth, Brindley Place, the canal quarter, and the Jewellery Quarter, you’ll never get bored if you’re living and working in Birmingham.

Examples of No Experience Jobs Birmingham

Below we’ve compiled a list of 5 jobs with no experience in Birmingham to help kick off an exciting new chapter in your professional life.

1. Tutoring

Tutoring allows you to earn a good salary by teaching or coaching students in any skill or further knowledge that you possess. You may speak a second language or maybe you gained specific experience in a previous job. You don’t need an official qualification from the Department of Education to become a tutor, however, a relevant university degree is necessary.

Tutoring is an extremely flexible career, one which usually allows you to work remotely and choose your own hours. Pay increases with experience meaning that it’s a viable long-term career change option for those without experience. You can expect to earn an average salary of around £25,000.

2. Care Worker

For jobs with no experience in Birmingham, becoming a care worker can be an incredibly rewarding career change. You’ll help people with booking and attending medical appointments as well as supporting them with personal care such as showering, eating and drinking. As a care worker, you’ll also monitor that person’s health and help them with medication if necessary.

If you’ve previously worked in a fast-paced, high-stress job, a career change job in care work could be the change you need. Care workers can expect to earn around £19,750 per year on average.

3. Customer Service Representative

If you’re a people person who can remain calm in all situations, then maybe a career change to a customer service representative is the right choice for you. Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of the company. They provide information about products and services and deal with queries and complaints. Excellent communication skills are essential, however, little to no experience is necessary for this role. It’s also a great starting role to move into managerial positions within the customer service industry. Average national salaries are about £19,600 but increase with experience.

4. Cabin Crew

If you’d like to get away from the 9 – 5 desk job, perhaps a career change to cabin crew would suit you. Working out of Birmingham airport, you’ll use your excellent customer service and communication skills to ensure that passengers have a positive experience on their flight. The full cabin crew training course will be provided by the airline, however, training fees may apply.  There are a whole host of benefits such as discounts on flights and commission schemes for onboard sales. Therefore, although no experience is necessary, some sales or customer service experience would be an advantage.

Salaries for cabin crew vary greatly but you can expect to start off at around £13,000 per year, increasing to around £23,000 when you reach senior cabin crew level.

5. Driver

If you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on and enjoy being behind the wheel, you might be suited as a driver. Driving jobs entail moving goods, people or services around Birmingham and across the UK for business or private clients. You must have a standard driving licence to become a driver. If you want to drive a lorry or a bus, you’ll need to get a separate driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).

When changing careers, you can start off driving vans or small vehicles before investing in further training and qualifications. Drivers can earn an average of around £32,000 per year.

Finding No Experience Jobs Birmingham

Check out Refreshing a Career’s live jobs board for the latest jobs with no experience in Birmingham. Our site is packed with help and advice for career changers looking to start a new chapter in their professional lives. Not sure what you want to do next? We’ll help choose the right career for you.

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