Part-Time Jobs For Pensioners

For many of us, retirement means an end to our working lives. But not everyone wants to stop working. Some people enjoy the social aspect of it or the feeling of having a purpose in their day. And for some others, retirement isn’t always an option. This is mainly due to financial reasons. Whatever your reason for continuing in the workforce, the good news is that there are plenty of part-time jobs for pensioners.

As a part-timer, you’ll still receive a pay cheque without having to put in the 40-hour weeks.

Benefits of Part-Time Pensioner Jobs

There are a variety of benefits to choosing a part-time job, especially as we get older. Working fewer hours allows us to create a healthier work/life balance. We have more personal time to go to appointments, socialise with friends and family, and get into our hobbies. A shorter workday leads to reduced stress in our daily lives. At the same time, continuing to work allows us to keep earning money so we’re less likely to feel the pinch at the end of the month.

Part-Time Jobs for Pensioners

We’ll take a look at just some of the many part-time jobs for retirees. As you’ll see, the majority of the jobs below can be done from home, offering you even greater flexibility.


Consulting is an excellent segway from your full-time career into something more part-time. You can still do what you love, but step away from the pressures your career may have brought with it. Working as a consultant allows you to share your knowledge, expertise, and experience with others in a similar field. Companies will hire you to consult on a certain area of the business, for example, a project, strategy, or merger.

Consulting can be incredibly lucrative and is one of the most popular part-time jobs for pensioners. It is also a job that can be done remotely giving you a huge amount of flexibility.

Personal Tutor

The experience we gain in work can be extremely valuable to someone who is starting out in a job or who maybe wants to pick up a new hobby.

As a tutor, you’ll help people learn about different subject areas from accounting, to sewing, to studying for exams, to playing the piano. Tutoring is also extremely beneficial to the tutor as you’ll be refreshing your knowledge and continuously learning new things. This, in turn, will keep cognitive function from ageing and help you to stay mentally active.

Working as a personal tutor is a fantastic choice for pensioners looking for a part-time job. You are your own boss, you choose when and where to work, and you can charge an hourly rate that suits you and your student.


The world is becoming more and more connected, meaning that the need for translators and interpreters is ever-increasing. If you speak another language, your skills can be highly valuable to all types of businesses including government offices, marketing firms, and customer service centres to name but a few.

You may need to retrain or refresh your skills but it will be worth it. Communication is vital in business so companies are willing to pay good money for the best translators and interpreters. This is also a job that can be done fully remotely.


Nowadays, it’s never been easier to become a driver. Companies like Uber and Bolt offer affordable driver services to the general public in the greater London area. On top of your normal PCO licence, you’ll also need to get a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licence. This proves that your car meets ridesharing service standards and that it’s been approved by Transport for London. With these licences and your car, you can sign up as a driver and work as many hours as you like. This is an excellent choice for those of you who want to continue working in the city and meeting new people on every ride.

Finding Part-Time Jobs For Pensioners

Interested in finding out more? Check out Refreshing a Career’s jobs board for live information on part-time jobs in your area. We’ve got help and advice for anyone looking to retrain or refresh their skills as well as useful resources for pensioners looking for part-time jobs.

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