Jobs for Retired People

Are you looking for jobs for retired people? Whether you need a job to pay the bills or simply to pass the time, there are plenty of options when searching for jobs after retirement. Read on to find out more.

Reaching the milestone of retirement is typically a time for celebration. After spending the majority of your life working, you finally get to relax and enjoy your life as a retiree. However, nowadays, a large number of retirees choose to continue working after retirement.

For some, it’s out of necessity. With the cost of living steadily increasing and inflation at its highest since 1990 in the UK, retiring on a pension simply isn’t financially viable. Others see work as a way to socialise and stay active in the community, so they choose to find a job that will allow them to continue doing this.

Whatever your reason may be, we’ll explore some employment options for anyone looking for jobs for retirees. If you’ve struggled over the years with striking a healthy work/life balance, there are many part-time options too which will give you more freedom and flexibility.

Jobs for Retirees

We’ve compiled a list of some ideal jobs for people who are retired to give you an insight into what’s out there.


If you’re good with children and are available to work more flexible hours, why not consider childcare? With part-time nursery costs over £7,200 per year, many parents are in need of a cheaper alternative. You could mind the child or children in your home or theirs, and working hours would vary depending on the parents’ work timetable. Common tasks would include cooking meals, helping with homework, and generally keeping them occupied until their parents pick them up.

You don’t need any formal qualifications to do this type of childcare, but you’re usually required to have a clean Ofsted DBS certificate and a full UK driving licence.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

If you’re more of an animal lover, then perhaps you could work as a dog walker or pet sitter.

You’ll work flexible hours, taking care of people’s pets while they are at work or away on holidays. It could involve a simple visit during the day to feed and play with their pet, an afternoon walk in the park, or taking their pet into your home while they go on holiday.

Working as a pet sitter is one of the best jobs for retirees who want to stay physically and mentally active. Moreover, dog walking is an excellent way to meet other dog walkers or owners. It can be an incredibly social activity both for humans and their furry friends!


Nowadays, it’s never been easier to become a driver. Many driving opportunities will let you work on a self-employed basis. You could work as a taxi driver for a company like Uber or a food-delivery company like Just Eat. Both positions would allow you to work as many hours as you like following your own timetable. There are also positions available in patient transport working for hospitals or care homes.

You’ll typically just need to be a confident driver with a full UK driving licence. Depending on the job, you may or may not need your own vehicle. If you love being behind the wheel and chatting with new people every day, this could be just the job for you.

Personal Tutor

Working as a personal tutor is a great way to give back to the community, and make a decent wage while you’re at it. You’ll help people learn about different subject areas from accounting, to sewing, to studying for exams, to playing the piano. Whatever your area of expertise may be, there will be someone who needs a tutor.

Tutoring is also extremely beneficial to the tutor as you’ll be refreshing your knowledge and continuously learning new things. This, in turn, will keep cognitive function from ageing and help you to stay mentally active.

Working as a personal tutor is a fantastic choice when looking for jobs for retired people. You are your own boss, you choose when and where to work, and you can charge an hourly rate that suits you and your student.

Film and TV Extra

If you’re a fan of the big screen, how about a job working as an extra on the production of films and TV shows?

Extras get paid to be an extra body in film and TV shots. You won’t generally have any lines, but rather be in the background of a scene having lunch in a restaurant or chatting with another extra on the street, for example. Casting agencies are always looking for people from all walks of life to work as extras so, if you’re interested, don’t let anything hold you back from applying.

No qualifications are needed, you just need to fit the bill of what the casting agency is looking for in a particular film or TV scene. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, they’ll keep your application on file and get in touch when they need you.

Finding Jobs For Retired People

Interested in finding out more? Check out Refreshing a Career’s retiree jobs board for the latest job for retirees in your area. We’ve got help and advice for anyone looking to retrain or refresh their skills as well as useful resources for anyone looking for jobs after retirement.

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