National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated February 11, 2021

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual celebration that brings the whole apprenticeship community together to celebrate the positive impact of apprenticeships on individuals, employers and the economy.

Apprenticeships are an excellent option for people who are willing to work and study and have established which career they would like to pursue in their life. Most of the learning during an apprenticeship occurs while working on the job. Whether you have just completed secondary school or are seeking a career change later in life, apprenticeships are suitable for anybody at any age.

Why You Should Be Aware

Since there is a demand for many apprenticeship opportunities, National Apprenticeship Week is an excellent time for organisations and businesses to provide such opportunities to people. As a result, we have prepared a list of websites and organisations that can help you find the apprenticeship that best suits your career aspiration:

  • Employing an Apprentice – the one-stop resource that connects budding apprentices with employers, ensuring everybody has access to equal opportunities.
  • Help You Choose – a charity that supports individuals of all ages to find apprenticeships of various levels in a range of sectors.
  • Government Apprenticeship Service – an online service that provides information about available apprenticeships in your area. They offer guidance via email as well as over the phone.
  • UCAS – an independent charity that provides information, advice and admission services to inspire and facilitate educational progression.

Apprenticeships provide individuals with the experience they need to start a new career and demonstrate their skills to new employers. Below are some of the reasons why an apprenticeship may be a suitable option for you:

Earning While Learning

Even though apprenticeships usually start with lower wages, they provide you with the opportunity to learn essential skills during working hours. 90% of apprentices continue their employment upon completion of their journey. About 20% of them experience a promotion at work with an increase in their wage.

Obtaining a Recognised Qualification

At the end of an apprenticeship, you will receive a qualification and enhance your professional profile for future employment.

Gaining Independence at Work

Since working in a new field, you will gradually learn how to be independent in your new duties. You will increasingly gain confidence and become knowledgeable in the workplace.

Receiving Tailored and Ongoing Support

Your employer will ensure you are guided through your journey and answer any questions you might have.

Improving Your Employability

An apprenticeship will improve your profile when seeking future employment. You will be able to demonstrate your dedication and ability to combine work and study on a full-time basis for your chosen career.

Developing Your Skills

An apprenticeship will include the opportunity to retake your GCSEs or functional skills if you might not have the required grades for it.

Holiday Entitlement

As an apprentice, you are entitled to at least 20 days of paid leave, excluding bank holidays in the United Kingdom. You will be able to maintain a work-life balance, ensuring good health and high productivity at work.

Anybody can benefit from apprenticeships; they are a fantastic option for individuals of any age. For further information, you can visit our page on adult apprenticeships.

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