Refreshing a Career are here to support candidates from a range of backgrounds. We have tailored support to fit your needs; whether you have left the military and are looking to kickstart a new career journey, need career advice after leaving prison or want to find a new career later in life.

We understand that certain individuals may face additional barriers when looking for work. We are here to support jobseekers kick-start their career journey after a break. Refreshing a Career believes that a workforce that embraces diversity and inclusion is in the best position to achieve success.

Advice on Changing Your Job Across Multiple Sectors

We have specific information, advice and support for the following groups:


After leaving the Armed Forces, it can be a challenge to understand which new career is right for you. Ex-military personnel have an abundance of highly valued and transferable skills which suit a variety of different working environments. Our dedicated guide supports individuals start a successful career after leaving military service.


Finding employment following time in prison isn’t always an easy process. There may be barriers in your way that make finding a new career more difficult. Refreshing a Career believes everyone should have access to equal employment opportunities, regardless of your background. The Refreshing a Career ex-offender career guide will help make your job search journey as easy as possible.


Returning to work after having children can be a daunting process. Many people feel anxious and have little confidence following a long break from your career. Our support for returning to work after maternity, paternity or adoption leave will reassure you that going back to work can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Older Workers

Changing careers at the age of 50 or older can be both exciting and stressful. You may have been working in the same role for multiple decades, but there could be another 10-15 years until you retire. Our career guide supports older workers in making their dream career switch.


Finding work while homeless can be challenging for a number of reasons, including on a practical level. The same applies to formerly homeless people. Yet, finding suitable long-term work is often a huge priority for many people. Our career guidance aims to help inform you about how to practically reach career opportunities, education or training.

Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)

If you’re not in employment, education or training, then finding a suitable job may be one of your top priorities. Our career guidance supports older people who have never worked, as well as those who have been out of work for 5 years and 10 years or more.

Redundant Workers

Whether you are redundant, facing redundancy or considering voluntary redundancy, we are here to support you on this exciting new journey. Redundancy can be emotionally challenging and sometimes come as a shock. However, it can also be a great opportunity to begin a career journey that truly suits your talents, skills, interests and experience.

Refreshing a Career understand there are a variety of reasons why you may be searching for a new career. In addition to those mentioned above, we have general resources and advice for all those who are looking for a career change, including: