One of the most significant barriers to homeless people finding stable work is a deficiency in essential skills. Finding free training could set you up for a new life with an extensive skillset arming you for success.

Expanding Your Job Skills & Education

There are a number of different ways to find free training, although there aren’t many courses geared specifically towards training homeless people. Instead, the differentiation comes depending on your current skillset.

That includes if you have no qualifications and need training to access essential skills. These include level 1 and 2 English and maths courses. Other courses are dependent on the perspective of different industries or the government wanting to invest in getting more workers in that area.

The best way to progress is through an apprenticeship as you will learn on the job, meaning that you will access invaluable training whilst earning a full wage the entire time.

However, if you want to access some free full time education, you can find out what and where in out tailored list below:

Online Training

There is a whole world of free training on the internet; all you need to is regular access to a web browser. From YouTube to universities, there are thousands of free training videos or dedicated courses.

Skills Toolkit

The Skills Toolkit is a list of government funded online training that they recommend for increasing your employability. Within it, there is a whole array of industries and skill levels, including practical maths and computer essentials, to learning to code.


We recommend heading over to OpenUniversity to access high quality free courses, where they have a dedicated section called OpenLearn. Within OpenLearn, you will immediately access over 1000 top quality courses that you can work through at your own pace.

This means that you don’t have to commit to a long period in one place, but can invest in learning a course whenever you can find the time and internet access.

Government Support

National Careers Service

The government funded careers organisation, the National Careers Service, will direct you to the most appropriate training. You can talk first-hand with a careers adviser or just peruse their website. They may even know about some free training in your locality that could land you in a job.

Jobcentre Plus

Being in close contact with your local Jobcentre Plus is essential for you getting back on your feet. Not only will they be in touch with all the vacancies in your locality, but also exactly what training will land you a stable job nearby.


If you live in London, Beam are a social enterprise who help raise money for homeless people to find training and then assist you into entering a stable career. Their goal is for long-term stability, so you know that getting in touch with them could change your life for good.


Although you may see training as getting qualifications, most of the time training is about getting the experience to fulfil a job. In that respect, many local charities will offer you a volunteering position to give you invaluable experience.

If you go to our support and resources page, you may find charities that offer help specifically to homeless people, including finding appropriate training.