Being Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) is a difficult position to be in, but an employer will appreciate your desire to make a change. We have compiled guidance tailored to each of the different kinds of NEET jobseekers, so anything you might need is right here.

Education and Training

If you have been unsuccessful in trying to find work, it might just be that you’re looking in the wrong place with the wrong qualifications. Industry is changing faster than ever and the stable jobs of old are no longer hiring.

Getting or simply advertising your openness to training will open a wealth of doors that could set you up for life. For an in-depth guide to finding education or training and what skills you should try developing, head over to our page about educational opportunities across the UK.

If You Have Never Worked

Regardless of the reasons why you haven’t worked in the past, an employer will appreciate that you know that now is the time to get into employment. Despite that, it may still be difficult given the current volatility of the economy, so read our guide tailored to those who have never worked to understand which steps will land you your dream career.

Extended Career Break

There are plenty of positives from taking a career break, which is why they have become increasingly popular over recent years. However, there are a few questions an employer will ask about your time away from work.

You should read this guide so you are prepared for whatever a potential employer might say when they see you have taken multiple years away from employment, education or training.

Extra Support

Sometimes we all need a little extra help. We have compiled a definitive list of any support or resources a NEET person may need to access to help them get their career back on track.

This includes a range of support and resources, be it financial or just advisory, as well as where and how you can access them. You can also take a look at our suggestions for jobs after bankruptcy.

Job Application Advice

If it has been a while since you have applied for a new role, or perhaps ever, you may be a little rusty. Especially as you are a NEET candidate, it is important that you approach applying for jobs in a particular way.

To make sure you get yourself on the right track, read our dedicated tips for job applications.

CV Tips

Writing a CV is difficult for most applicants, never mind those with little to no work experience. Although it may seem daunting, as long as you approach your CV in the right way you do not have to worry and could become a major asset to your application.

To find out what steps you should take towards writing a perfect CV for a NEET jobseeker, read our dedicated guide for writing your CV.