The Best Jobs for Sixty-Year-Olds

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated December 29, 2021

If you’re over sixty and thinking about jobs, you might be feeling a little nervous. Some people believe that it is hard to find employment when you’re over sixty years old, but this isn’t the case! There are plenty of jobs out there that have no age requirement. The best jobs for over-sixties may be those in which you don’t have to work at a fast pace or lift heavy objects regularly. This article will explore some potential career paths for older workers and what might be the best fit for you!

The Best Career Paths for Sixty-Year-Olds

Business Jobs

Many businesses and organisations still hire older workers because they understand that experience is valuable. The best jobs for over-sixties might be those in which the employee deals with a lot of people or makes business-related decisions, such as supervisors and managers. A good example would be an executive assistant who supports high-level employees in many different ways.

Educational Jobs

Another popular option is jobs in education. There are many opportunities to work with kids, including teaching assistants who help students learn the material and aid teachers when needed. Teaching jobs have flexible hours that can be adjusted around family or other outside responsibilities! Best of all, individuals over sixty are often paid more than younger teachers due to their experience, which is a great incentive for jobs in education.


If you are interested in jobs that keep your mind active, blogging may be the right choice for you! Blogs can take almost any topic, and there is usually room for many different writers. If writing isn’t your strong suit, but you still want to share ideas with others, consider starting a podcast or becoming an online teacher who guides students through learning activities. Blogging can become a revenue source when successful, and why not share your wealth of experiences with others?

Sales Jobs

If you are interested in jobs that allow you to meet people, sales jobs may be the perfect option. A good example would be a job selling medical supplies or nutritional supplements. Many companies provide training, so it’s possible to learn more about what they sell before applying for jobs like these! Best of all, some employers offer jobs in sales that don’t require a lot of physical activity.


If jobs in which you can stay seated all day sound appealing, consider a career as a driver. Many different businesses hire drivers for delivery services or other jobs where they need to transport people and things, such as driving for the NHS. Jobs like these may be perfect for individuals who prefer not to stand on their feet very much, so it’s another great option if you’re over sixty!


If jobs that allow you to work from home and build your schedule sound like the perfect fit, consider becoming a consultant. Individuals over sixty may find jobs as independent contractors or freelance workers whose clients depend on them for help in various areas of expertise.

Retail Jobs

While some retail work can be physically demanding, many retail jobs offer part-time hours which you could fit around your weekly routine. Retail also provides opportunities to be sociable as you will be interacting with members of the public regularly. If you enjoy customer service, then retail could be the perfect role for you.

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How to Choose the Best Fit

When it comes to any career, it’s important to pursue something you are passionate about. While not everyone has this luxury, if you follow your interests, you are far more likely to enjoy your time spent working and feel satisfied by the job you’ve done. For jobs for over-sixties, try to focus on jobs that give you some flexibility or are part-time. This will allow more time for family and recreation while still providing a stable income!

For over-sixties, it is also important to consider your physical needs. A sixty-year-old body may not be up to the same jobs that it once was. This may not always be the case, but it’s essential to consider this when applying for jobs.

For available job opportunities near you, take a look at our specialist career change jobs board. Have a read of our job guide for over-sixties in London if you’re there. For more information on applying for jobs as an older worker, take a look at Refreshing a Career’s resources!

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