Top 5 Career Change Employers In 2024

Written by Nicola Wylie
Last updated February 27, 2023

A recent study revealed that almost two-thirds of UK workers want to change their career path. With such a large percentage of the workforce looking for new opportunities, it’s hardly surprising that employers across the UK are cashing in. Career change employers enjoy significant benefits, including more diverse teams with highly desirable transferable skills

As an increasing number of UK organisations target career changers in their recruitment efforts, we’ve put together a list of five of the top employers that hire career changers.

5 Of The Best Career Changer Employers For 2024

Are you looking for something new in 2024? We’ve rounded up the best companies to find career-change jobs in the UK.

1. Refreshing a Career

Are you considering a career change but don’t know what industry you want to switch to? A great way to find new job opportunities is to research employers that hire career changers. Using a specialist job board for career changers, such as Refreshing a Career, can help you with this. 

These job boards cater to career changers and employers who seek them. So, you get the peace of mind of knowing that every employer that advertises on the site sees the value career changers bring to their business.

The Refreshing a Career jobs board is packed with high-quality job listings for career changers, including career-change jobs with no experience. You can filter by location, industry, job role, and contract type to make sure you find the best career opportunities for you. 

All of the career opportunities on the jobs board are from career-change-friendly employers. So, whether you’re looking to make a career change in Manchester or find jobs for former civil servants, you’ll find the latest opportunities.

On top of the job board, you’ll also find a comprehensive resource hub for career changers. It has advice for every type of career changer, including how to retrain. You’ll also find advice and a range of professional services for career change employers. 

For the latest industry news and insights, check out the blog. There is a tonne of resources on common career change mistakes, writing a career change CV, and employer advice, among many others.

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2. The NHS

Between Brexit and the pandemic, the labour market has been hit hard. As a result, several sectors are experiencing extreme shortages of workers. One of the worst-hit sectors is the public healthcare sector.

The NHS is currently experiencing a huge staffing crisis and is crying out for paramedics, midwives, nurses and doctors. So, if you’re considering a career in medicine, now is the time.

Some NHS jobs, such as nursing, will require you to retrain. However, a nursing degree is now the most employable type of degree in the UK, with 94% of students finding a job within six months of finishing their course of study. As an extra incentive, the UK government offers financial support of at least £5,000 for every year of study.

A nursing degree isn’t the only route into the NHS. Career changers can also consider doing a registered nurse degree apprenticeship (RNDA) or taking on a role as a support worker in the healthcare sector. Once in this role, you have the chance to take further training to become a registered nurse.

Of course, becoming a nurse, doctor, or paramedic are just a few of the career change opportunities in the NHS. You could also consider driving jobs for NHS

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3. Aspiring to Include

A common challenge facing many career changers is that they lack the qualifications or work experience in their target industry. However, they do have an impressive array of transferable skills that could make them a great fit for the role.

While some employers may overlook career changers because their CV isn’t an exact match for the position, others are more open-minded. 

Diversity-positive employers are much more likely to assess a candidate based on their soft skills, behaviours, and values rather than just their employment history. As such, searching inclusive job boards is a fantastic way for career changers to find employers that will overlook their lack of technical skills.

Aspiring to Include is one of the UK’s leading inclusive job boards. It boasts a broad selection of job opportunities that are perfect for career changers from diverse or non-traditional employment backgrounds. Plus, you can be sure that your future employer values diversity and is committed to removing discrimination from the workplace. This is especially important for older workers or those from underrepresented groups.

As well as a live job board, you’ll find a wealth of resources for diverse job seekers and advice for employers who want to promote diversity and inclusion in their organisation.

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4. Teach First

Education charity Teach First has revealed that the UK needs more teachers than ever. So, if you’re considering becoming a teacher, there’s never been a better time. 

There are several routes to teaching, but the first step is to choose what age you’d like to teach. 

If you don’t have a degree, you may need to consider getting an undergraduate degree in teacher training. To qualify for this programme, you will need to have a grade 4 (C) or above in the core GCSE subjects–English, maths, and science. 

Funding is available for career changers looking to retrain as a teacher. Bursaries and scholarships are also available for people willing to train in specific subjects, such as Maths, Biology, and Chemistry.

If you are former military personnel, you may be eligible to apply for a tax-free Troops to Teachers bursary of up to £40,000.

For more information, visit the government’s Student Finance page.

Teach First offers learn-on-the-job schemes to fast-track career changers into the classroom. New teachers train for two years, entering the classroom after five weeks. This is perfect for career changers, as you pay no fees and earn a salary almost immediately.

The Schools Direct programme is a government-run initiative specifically designed to help career changers get into teaching. To be eligible, applicants need to have a minimum of three years of transferable employment experience. Once accepted on the programme, it takes a year to complete. 

Trainees on the programme earn a salary but do not always work towards a qualification. 

If you’re nervous about going directly into the classroom, many career changers look for teaching assistant jobs with no experience or volunteering opportunities to prepare for the switch.

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5. HM Prison and Probation Service

According to data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, job ads for prison officers rose by 13% in 2021. And the demand for prison staff looks set to continue in 2024. 

This is good news for career changers interested in a job with the prison service. It is now one of the biggest career change employers in the UK.

Beginning a career as a prison officer doesn’t require any official qualifications. However, applicants must fulfil a set of criteria.

Applicants must:

  • Have been a UK resident for the past three years to work in a category A (high security) prison.
  • Pass a physical test to ensure they have a reasonable fitness level and adequate hearing and eyesight

The application process to work in the HM prison and probation service takes around seven months from the date you submit your application to your starting date. That said, the application is relatively quick to fill out.

Firstly, candidates take online tests to check basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills. They will also be tested on relevant soft skills, such as communication and judgement.

Next, applicants have a face-to-face interview to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Finally, successful applicants will carry out medical and fitness tests. 

As an entry-level prison officer, starting salaries range from £22,000 to £30,0000. 

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Finding Career Change Opportunities With Refreshing A Career

We hope our list of companies that employ career changers has inspired you. Whether you’re looking to re-enter the workforce, change careers, or find remote jobs with no experience, there are more opportunities than ever for career changers in the UK. 

As a career changer, you have a wide range of transferable skills and life experiences that are invaluable to employers. So, it’s important not to sell yourself short. Know your worth and what you offer to potential employers. If you struggle with this, take a look at our confidence tips.

At Refreshing a Career, we believe it’s never too late to start a new career. Our website offers a wealth of valuable aids, including career change guides, confidence tips, information on how to retrain, and much more.  

For further advice, check out our resources on changing careers or browse our career change job board for opportunities near you.

How We Can Support Career Change Employers

Are you an employer looking to reap the benefits of employing career changers

Our employer resource hub is packed with guides on everything from funding to training to help you attract top career-change talent to your organisation. 

Be sure to browse our range of employer services, including advertising your roles on our dedicated career change jobs board.

For more information, give us a call at 0345 872 4501 or send an email to

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