Looking to refresh a career and start on a new quest to professional fulfilment? Or are you an employer looking for people who need a new challenge? This is the place for you; a dedicated site focused on understanding your issues, offering you resources and partnering you with the right people and organisations.

  • Is Refreshing a Career the Website for Me?

    There are many reasons why people may have taken a significant period of time out of employment, and regardless of what those reasons are, everybody is starting afresh from the same position when looking at potential opportunities for getting back into work. For employers, targeting people who have been out of employment for a period of time, or who are looking to change careers, can provide benefits in finding jobseekers who are eager to learn, keen to progress and can bring transferrable skills.

    Have you been in the same job for a number of years and feel like you need a change? 30% of the nation’s workforce will change their job or career every 12 months. That is an awful lot of people, so inevitably there is a feeling of trepidation or self-doubt about leaping into such a competitive environment. It can be a daunting prospect, but it needn’t be. Nevertheless, we appreciate that you need a bit of help, so we have developed this site to start you off on your job search by putting you in touch with people, resources and organisations who understand your position.

    Across the site you will find information, tools and other guidance all aimed at jobseekers in your situation, and employers looking for people seeking a fresh start. The average person will change their career five to seven times during their working life, so it makes perfect sense for employers to be taking specific steps to target these people.

  • Who is Refreshing a Career For?

    It is common for people to return to work after a long period out of employment and find it an enormous challenge. You feel like the professional world has changed in your absence, you might feel like you have lost some of the skills you attained or that your previous experience now counts for nothing. You might be unaware of what training opportunities are available, what legislation and regulations have changed in certain industries and what new technologies now enable you to do.

    Refreshing a Career is aimed at people facing that situation, and guiding them through the process by partnering them with people, putting them in touch with helpful organisations, finding the right opportunities, and perhaps most importantly, emboldening them with the confidence to go back into the professional world and fulfil the potential they definitely still have.

    You might be a new parent looking for work after a period of parental leave, you might be ex-military or an ex-pat returning to the arena of everyday work. You may have spent a period of time in prison, have paid your price and are now looking to start afresh with new work opportunities. You deserve a second chance and Refreshing a Career can help you find one. People who have spent a period of time recovering from an illness or maybe an addiction also face a similar situation. You may have lost confidence, you might not be physically able to do the job you previously enjoyed, but you deserve the opportunity to start again and find something you enjoy and which fulfils your needs.

  • What Can Refreshing a Career Do for You?

    Whatever your previous career was, and whatever the reason you want to change it, we can help you find a way to use your existing skills and experience and build on those with new training and job opportunities. We can help you find internship and apprenticeship opportunities matched to your needs and circumstances. Every individual is different and we understand that, so we will work with you to find solutions that suit your aspirations, but also your location, your funding constraints, your time availability and your existing skills and experience base.

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