When employing a career change candidate, there might be some special considerations to make their transition into a new career smoother. One thing to consider as the employer of a career changer is providing the flexibility to offer remote working.

This kind of work might be extremely beneficial to somebody who has just changed career as they can comfortably find their feet in an environment familiar to them, hopefully encouraging productivity in their role from the beginning.

There are many reasons somebody might choose to refresh their career, but as their employer in this new venture, it’s essential to support them throughout. For example, somebody might choose to change career to fit with unique personal circumstances such as spending more time with an elderly family member or looking after a new baby. If the reason an employee has taken on a career with you is because of personal circumstances such as these, it’s a good idea to offer them remote and flexible working. A better work-life-balance has proven to create more dedicated and accomplished workers.

Another reason remote working might be beneficial to a career change employee is because they may still be in the process of completing education and or training. Working from home while they do this means more freedom for the employee to complete their work and education at a schedule that feels right for them, as well as more opportunities to be supported by their family in a potentially busy and challenging time. In The Future Workforce Report, a survey of more than 3,000 workers, 77% said flexibility at work is important to them, highlighting the popularity of remote and flexible working.

When somebody chooses to refresh their skills later in their career, for example, those over 40 or 50, they are choosing to improve their abilities to make themselves a better employee. Employers should view this in a positive light and even do what they can to encourage this step. Remote working would be one way to support and promote an employee refreshing their skills as it would potentially provide a better work-life-study balance. The employee would be able to continue working effectively, whilst gaining further knowledge and expertise that may have a positive impact on your business.

By offering opportunities for remote working, you are also opening up your recruitment search to a much wider group of people. This means you are able to access candidates who may be interested in working for you but do not necessarily live in commuting distance of your business. This is especially helpful for somebody wanting to change their career or leave an unhappy job, as it means they are not restricted to searching for a job only in their local area, providing more opportunity to find a job best suited to them. As technology can assist remote worker to a great extent nowadays, employers can no longer afford to rule out talented and skilled candidates because of location limitations.

If you would like to discover more benefits of hiring a career-changing candidate, you can visit our dedicated section on our Refreshing a Career site.

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