If you haven’t had to look for a new job in a while, navigating the UK job market can seem daunting. Our quick guide will direct you to external support and resources so you can get the helping hand you need to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice are an independent organisation who offer all sorts of advice, particularly with those relating to navigating your rights in situations of potential injustice. As such, they offer advice for those who may be made redundant.

Part of this, they can refer you to the right funding for training or help in finding more stable employment. The UK economy is changing faster than ever, if you have been in one job for years it may seem difficult to navigate. Getting independent advice about which job or career to pursue may be vital in your long-term employment prospects.

Jobcentre Plus

There is a Jobcentre Plus in almost every locality in the UK. As such, they keep track of what sectors and jobs are available near you. In turn, they will know what kind of work is available for someone with your skills, qualifications and experience. In turn, they may actually already know of an opening at another company.

As such, even if you don’t end up directly getting a job through your local Jobcentre Plus it will be informative to know what to look for and whether you should consider further training.

You may also be eligible for a range of benefits, such as Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, so you should get in touch. Having access to something such as Housing Benefit could dramatically extend the period in which you can afford to look for new work as they may cover any housing costs.


If you have any issues with the redundancy process, such as you feel like your employer has wrongfully dismissed you, you may need a third party to mediate the complaint process. Although we always suggest you should try resolve any issues in-house, if you do need an independent organisation to get involved you should talk to Acas.

Acas offer an early conciliation service that will overlook any necessary mediation and give a verdict on what further action should be taken.

Redundancy Pay Tax

Your final redundancy pay is taxed at the base rate of 20%. There can sometimes be discrepancies in this amount, so it is really important to check. If there are any issues with the amount you have been taxed you should get in touch with HMRC immediately. They will talk you through what has gone wrong and arrange to have any of the excessive tax paid back to you as soon as possible.

Financial Advice

If you do decide to take voluntary redundancy, you should make sure you are financially stable before doing so. The redundancy pay may be substantial, but it will eventually run out.

Being able to discuss with an independent advisor about your financial health could be essential. Furthermore, knowing how long you have to look for a job could outline a clearer plan after redundancy whether that is voluntary or compulsory redundancy.

One good organisation to seek independent financial advice is the Independent Financial Promotions (IFAP) who are based in the UK.