Night classes are short-courses held by schools, colleges, universities and independent companies, aimed at adults who want to gain a qualification or train in a new area.

Many adults feel that they did not have the opportunity to gain the right qualifications when they were younger, and now feel they aren’t qualified or experienced enough to change careers given how fast industry is changing. If you are unhappy in your job, want to get back into work, or simply want to try something new and test your skills, then there are affordable ways to help you train and learn in your own time. It is never too late to go back to education. There are so many resources out there, waiting to support you to get the qualifications you deserve.

As well as Adult Apprenticeships, Adult Internships, and part-time study, night courses are a great flexible option. They run in the evenings, and they often offer a choice of time, making it even easier to fit around your work and family commitments. If evenings don’t suit you, many courses offer the same classes in the mornings and afternoons.

They can run for a short number of weeks or anywhere up to a year for more challenging qualifications. The night class price depends on the subject, the level, and the provider of the course. However, night courses aim to include as many people as possible in education, so they tend to be affordable. Many colleges provide the option for instalment payment, which means you can pay as you earn and not worry about paying a large sum at once.

You can take night courses in various subjects and professions, at lots of different levels. Unlike part-time study, taking a night class means that you can keep working full time alongside studying for your class, making it a lot more financially accessible. In some parts of the country, colleges offer free English and Maths GCSE courses, as these are often essential requirements for jobs and further study.

If you feel you are being held back by not having these qualifications, or you want to improve your literacy and numeracy skills, then do some research to see what is on offer in your local area. If they aren’t free, the chances are they will be affordable.

Night courses are also offered in a range of vocational subjects where you can gain Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, these are the equivalent to GCSE and A-Level. You can find these courses at local colleges. Some popular vocational night courses include:

  • Accounting Level 2 Foundation
  • Level 1 Interior Design
  • Cosmetic Make up & Hair, Level 2
  • Fitness instructing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Business Level 2

Besides vocational classes, night courses are very popular for creative and humanities subjects, whether to assist a career change or to learn a new skill. Many university language departments offer night classes at levels ranging from Beginner to Intermediate, or Conversational if you would prefer a more informal class. Having a language is desirable to employers; you can interact with international clients and businesses while showing your ability to absorb and retain information. Learning a language, especially if you work in a global industry, is a great way to refresh your career and open new doors.

Covid-19 means that many evening courses are being taught online. While you lose out on the classes’ sociable side, there are lots of benefits to online learning. Firstly, you can do it from home, possibly making it even easier to balance other life commitments. Secondly, you can now take part in classes from all over the country, which might not have been possible before. And finally, having online courses might reduce the class’s cost, making it even more affordable to learn something new.

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