If you are leaving or have recently left the military, we have set up a comprehensive guide to successfully and smoothly transitioning into civilian life.

Transitioning to Civilian Life

Giving up life in the service is daunting and it is no surprise that thousands of veterans struggle every year. However, there is also a comprehensive network of support services established especially for those transitioning into civilian life and beyond.

Finding a Job After Your Military Career

By reading this guide you will know what support is available and where you can access it. Furthermore, we have outlined our expert advice to veterans so they can start considering their first steps outside of the armed forces.

Transferable Skills

While there are a significant portion of veterans who suffer from mental health issues after leaving the armed forces, the majority simply need guidance to transition into the UK job market.

UK industry is changing faster than ever, which can make trying to enter it daunting. However, this actually plays into your favour as an increasingly significant portion of experienced professionals are retraining or transitioning into new careers every year.

This means that all you need is mental resilience and adaptability to thrive in this job market. By reading our guide to common ex-military transferable skills, you will be able to find the perfect civilian career for you.


Usually a perfect career doesn’t fall into anyone’s lap, including ex-service personnel. As such, we have outlined the different financial support available to veterans such as yourself should you need it.

By reading our succinct financial guide, you can process the options available to you and decide which path to take.

Support and Resources

Given the variety of challenges and needs faced by those leaving the military, there are several different sources of support for veterans.

Our guide to finding support and resources details the different kinds of support a veteran can access across the country. Additionally, with a number of charities or services to choose from we have selected some of the best choices for you to rely on.

Ex-Military Mental Health

Every year Brits understand and accept the needs of veteran’s mental health support more. This has come after years of opening and increased awareness about the struggles faced by service personnel.

As such, there is now a wealth of resources for you or a family member to access, should you require. However, this is not just to treat severe mental health issues but services to assist in a general transition to civilian life.

This guide to ex-military mental health services will outline all you need to know, so you never have to struggle alone.

Job Application Tips

Sometimes the UK job market can seem so complex it’s overwhelming, especially for someone who has been in the armed forces for years or even decades.

Our job application tips and guidance offers the basics you need to know to take a successful first step into the civilian world of work. After reading this, you will realise that you are more than capable at finding the right career for you.