Are you an older person who is thinking of changing careers, or are currently out of work? If so, you have come to the right place.

Changing Careers as an Older Worker in the UK

The UK is an ageing populace, with research projecting over 50s to make up around half of the working populace by 2040. However, the rapidly changing economy due to the rise of advanced technology, automation and AI is creating massive skills gaps.

These skills gaps require significant technological literacy that many older people were not taught in early education. This has led to a rise in redundancies in industries that are having to shift quickly to survive.

Despite this, there are numerous industries in desperate need of experienced workers.  In turn, there are a host of potential careers that older workers would still thrive in if they knew where to look.

In this guide, we outline the options in front to you and how to demonstrate to employers that you are the employee they need:

Transferable Skills

Many older workers who are currently out of work have been made redundant due to shifts in their industry. As such, they are now seeking employment in industries completely separate from the ones they built their careers.

In order to convince employers why your experience and skillset is still valuable, you need to be able to demonstrate that your skills are transferable.

Your Rights

One of the most common forms of discrimination in the workplace is ageism. Employers can often overlook it as ‘investing in future talent’, but in reality the vast majority of older workers are more than capable of accessing learning or leadership opportunities.

So you can identify and properly call out age discrimination or improper health and safety practices we have written a dedicated guide to outline the steps you can take.

Support and Resources

If you have been out of work for some time navigating the job market can seem daunting. Having some one-on-one advice may give you some perspective and help you to see what option is best for you.

This guide links all the best support and resources out there for older people to access.


An option taken by many older people, whether because they need some experience to enter a new sector or because they have retired but have work left to give. This guide outlines the different types of volunteering for older people and why so many get involved.

Career Paths

Today’s job market can seem confusing. Knowing where other older people are working and why will help you identify which option is best for you.

In our guide outlining popular career routes for older workers, you can browse the popular roles and industries that others in a similar situation choose.

Applying for a Job

Times have changed and recruitment is no different. If you haven’t applied for a new role in some time you should get a refresher on how to approach interviews and applications in general.

Here we outline our job application tips for older jobseekers, including what skills and experience you should highlight to get you your dream role.

Writing a CV

Writing a CV is hard for most, never mind if you haven’t written one in a long time and have a substantial history of experience to cram in. In this CV template we have outlined our top tips for grabbing an employer’s attention, including what skills, characteristics and experience to highlight or avoid.