Age discrimination is a major recruitment problem in the UK. In fact, it was the most common workplace discrimination problem reported in 2021. More than 1 in 10 adults believe that age discrimination played a role in them not getting the job they applied for. We take a look at why employing older workers is good for the bottom line.

Favouring a younger candidate with lots of potential to grow often seems like the obvious choice. However, developing a greener candidate can mean more work than just teaching them the necessary skills. Younger candidates generally lack experience and need time to acclimatise to the workplace. Not only are older workers more valuable due to their experienced perspective, but they can get working at their full potential right away.

In the UK. the retirement age is continually increasing. As a result, there are more older people open to employment than ever before. This presents a vast talent pool which your business can tap into. There are many advantages of recruiting older workers and seizing the opportunities that a multigenerational team of employees provides.


Benefits of Employing Older Workers

Alongside a vast array of experience, older workers present many additional benefits to your business. We’ll take a look at some of the advantages of employing older workers below:


A Wealth of Transferable Knowledge

This can include valuable experience, lessons and business contacts that can be utilised for success. Older workers usually come with vast networks due to the level of experience they have built up over the years. Their transferable skills are extremely valuable to your company. Additionally, they have a lot to teach younger workers who might be new to the business.


Greater Staff Retention

It has been found that older workers are more likely to remain with the business. Studies show that younger staff are over 4 times more likely than older workers to move from one job to another voluntarily.



A multigenerational workforce contributes to your business’s diversity and inclusivity, which could provide you with a competitive edge. This is due to the broad range of knowledge, experience and ideas from differing groups of people merging. It helps employees to excel in their work and favours your business as a whole.

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A Greater Level of Confidence to Share Ideas

Older workers will have built up a substantial level of confidence from their years of working experience. Employees who are more confident in their skills and abilities are more likely to suggest and share ideas. This, in turn, can help your business grow.


A Strong Focus

Older workers have a better idea of what they want to achieve in their careers. They will be focused on the task at hand and motivated to complete assigned tasks. This could result in an increased level of productivity and efficiency, contributing to the success of your business.


How to Engage With Older Workers

As an employer, you can offer benefits to older workers that will make your business more inclusive. The needs of older employees might vary from those of younger ones. By recognising this and working to meet these needs, you’ll be more likely to build a loyal and supportive workforce. Some of the aspects you could incorporate include:



Many older workers will have previous life commitments such as children, caring for others, hobbies and volunteering. Others may simply be seeking a greater work-life balance. Whatever the reason may be, by offering flexible working hours, older workers can carry on with their personal commitments alongside positively contributing to your business.



It is essential to continue to offer training to staff no matter their age. Older workers are incredibly open to learning new things and will want to continue to develop in the later years of their careers. By providing training opportunities, overall performance will improve alongside job satisfaction as older employees will feel valued in your business.

Oftentimes, older workers can become disenchanted from work because they are overlooked for development opportunities, despite feeling capable. Therefore, providing possibilities to retrain or refresh their skills is a must.


Attractive Benefits Package

As part of life, health risks increase as we get older. For older workers, healthcare benefits will be highly valued, alongside retirement planning, wellness programmes and any other appropriate support.


Employing Older Workers: Key Takeaways

There is a wealth of reasons why employing older workers is good for business. They have the experience and focus necessary to get the job done. They also add to the overall diversity of your business which can set you apart from the competition.

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