Research considers employers’ apprehension over young people without work experience one of the most significant factors in the youth employment crisis. Read about why your company will benefit from not becoming one of those employers.

What is a NEET Candidate?

NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training. This most commonly refers to a young person who has left full time education and is looking for work, but has been so far unsuccessful.

Oftentimes, young people believe they can take some time to themselves after leaving a life of institutionalisation. However, many don’t realise this makes employers apprehensive to take them on further down the line.

The number of people in the UK classed as NEET has risen sharply since the impact of coronavirus hit the economy and employment. This was particularly so after the class of 2020 graduates left education, be they from secondary or tertiary education.

As they are emerging with no substantial work experience into a market in flux, this group of individuals has been the hardest hit. The impact on youth employment is so significant, many economists are already referring to them as the COVID Generation, as the negative impact will likely be felt throughout their lives.

This impact escalates when this young person is from a socio-economically disadvantaged background, such as being from a poverty-stricken location.

However, this result is not inevitable and we are taking a stand to support these young people with the help of a host of employers. The reality is that these young people have a long list of benefits that struggling employers are overlooking:

Benefits of Employing a NEET Candidate

1. Education Generation

In the last decade the government recognised increasingly the importance of a high standard of education for the ability of the employee in the market. This means that this COVID generation of NEET candidates have more skills than any generation before them. Furthermore, they have an understanding of technology and the social media landscape that many of your current employees may not.

2. Enthusiasm

If you have ever gone without work for a prolonged period, especially if you have qualifications you thought would secure you a job, you know you treasure your employment more than ever. As such, those NEET candidates will work with a greater dedication than any current employee who does not recognise the instability of the current job market.

3. Massive Potential

With many NEET candidates being so young or without experience, they have a bucket-load of potential for you to utilise. With more opportunities for training on-the-job than ever, they will fill any skills gap emerging in your company quicker than any other employee.

4. Loyalty

An issue with many young employees in the past is with their loyalty to their first company, as the difficulties of navigating employment did not seem a massive concern. This generation of young people is more aware than any before them of the precariousness of unemployment, such that they are far more likely to remain with your organisation. This makes every minute spent on their development a solid investment that your NEET employee will return further down the line.

5. Brand Recognition

The UK population, your local community and customers are increasingly aware of the devastating impact of COVID-19 on this generation of workers, young people and socio-economically disadvantaged. As such, being open about how you are such an inclusive employer, whilst reaping the benefits of your new employee, will boost your brand as socially responsible.

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