Whether you are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or know someone who is homeless, we have compiled several tailored guides for you.

How to Find and Apply for a Job When Homeless

Having unstable housing erects a range of social and financial barriers that can prevent people from enjoying a stable life, including finding quality employment. As such, we have compiled a guide to finding all the help and advice you need to get you back on track.

Finding Training

Commonly, people fall into homelessness because their financial situation was unstable. As such, a quick way of getting into employment that is higher earning and more stable is to take on free training.

The government is facing a UK-wide problem in which hundreds of thousands of workers must retrain. In turn, you are not the only one who could do with getting better employment.

This means that the government and a number of educational organisations have developed a range of free training courses that you can take as soon as possible. Accessing this training could mean a stable income that is enough to support you and any dependents, preventing the risk of further homelessness in the future.

Accessing Financial Support

A lot of financial support comes via local and national charities, or through investment in free programs, such as those outlined in the training section.

However, there are some ways to access funding that could set you on the right path to housing and financial stability.

Where to Get Help

Being a homeless person, you are at a number of immediate risks. However, there are also several incredible organisations set up to help people like yourself.

In turn, you can read through this guide to find exactly what and where you can access the right support and resources for you.

Tips for Applying to Jobs

There are a number of barriers that a homeless person faces when it comes to accessing employment. Oftentimes, this can lead people to assume it is not even worth trying.

However, every year there are more and more inclusive employers who want to help people in unstable living situations. By following these simple tips for applying to jobs, you might get the opportunity of a life time and wave goodbye to unfixed housing for good.

Tips for Writing a CV

Writing a CV is difficult for most people, never mind those with an unstable living and employment history. However, by following our tailored guidance, you can use your CV as a positive tool to accessing stable employment.