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Changing your career can be a challenging experience. Whether you have been made redundant from your previous employment, or are desperate for a change of scenery, Refreshing a Career is here to provide you with the support, advice and resources you need to succeed with your career change.

Alongside our website filled with guidance and information for both employers recruiting a career change candidate, and people changing careers, we have created a useful resources hub. We aim to provide both employers and career change candidates with all the resources and support you need to reach your future potential.


If you are struggling to get to grips with the technical terminology, we have compiled a simple glossary listing definitions of complicated terms you may be struggling to wrap your head around.

Document library

Our document library is an essential resource for people of all ages embarking on their career change journey. Here you will find useful hints, tips and advice needed to write a stand-out CV and cover letter.

We understand that most people refreshing their career may have many years of experience and know a lot when it comes to job applications. We have done our best to ensure our CV, and cover letter advice is relevant to those with an already superb knowledge of the world of work.

It’s important to remember all industries are changing rapidly. Things may no longer be the same as they were when you were first looking for work. By taking the time to explore our document library, you may find some unique hints or tips to help your application stand out from the crowd.

As we continue to make improvements to this page, and our website as a whole, please let our team know if there is any additional information you may find useful by clinking the link at the bottom of the page.

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Useful Resources

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