If you don’t explicitly fit into any of the user groups, but need some tips on refreshing your career, we have made a range of general guides just for you.

Diversity and Inclusion

The pressure for companies to be socially responsible continues to increase. With the rise of social media, now more than ever the working conditions and the actions of both individuals and organisations are transparent to most of the world.

This has led to many companies recognising that they are not diverse or inclusive, and that they need to fix that for a variety of reasons. Some make the change because they think it is good for their brand, others realise that there are a wealth of bonuses to having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

That’s why we have developed a guide to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including a tailored guide to implementing diversity and inclusion.

Confidence Tips

Sometimes you just feel like you’re in a rut and need some inspiration to freshen up your career. It’s not uncommon and we recognise that change has to start with yourself.

If you feel like you need some perspective to get you back on your feet, read our dedicated list of confidence tips.

Work-Life Balance Tips

The modern economy is demanding and there can often feel like there is a massive pressure to let work invade into your life. Oftentimes, employers will threaten that you can only access a promotion once you forfeit your work-life balance.

However, that isn’t the way working should be and is not healthy for anyone. If everyone followed these work-life balance tips, we will create a healthy environment that is healthy and productive for everyone.

Interview Tips

There is some solace in knowing that everyone’s in the same boat, but going for interviews can be nerve-racking at the best of times. This is why we have developed a tailored guide including our top tips for going to an interview.

Here we outline what to keep in mind before and during the interview, whilst giving you an insight into what employers are looking for and how much they read into certain aspects of your interview.

Dealing With CV Gaps

A very common barrier for many jobseekers who have been through difficult periods in one way or another is to have a gap in the job history on their CV. Although this is not something to be ashamed of and is in fact very common in today’s fast-paced world, there are ways to improve how it looks to employers.

That’s why we have created this tailored guide to dealing with CV gaps, so you know exactly what to do, depending on your circumstances.


There are a number of difficult words that you might need to overcome navigating applying for a job, a new career or training. In this glossary, we outline any of these difficult words and their definitions so you can be confident of having no nasty surprises in your next steps forward.

Document Library

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