With workplaces closing across the country due to COVID-19, many employers are reorientating themselves towards remote work. Although you might not want to work from home full time, you may be interested in some of the benefits.

Employers have had to adapt to this new way of working to ensure the continuation of their businesses. Moving forwards, this is leading to several companies preferring to offer flexible or remote roles where employees can work from home. Often, this is only for two or three days per week, but even this could half their needs for office space. With lower overheads for the company, this could lead to an increase in pay for you!

Benefits of Working from Home

When thinking about switching career, it is essential to consider the type of role you are looking for and whether you are interested in a role where you can work from home. There are many benefits to working from home, including:

Better Work-Life Balance

Many working from home roles provide flexible schedules, more concentrated on getting the job done to the expected quality as opposed to the time you start and the time you finish. It also provides the ability to attend any medical or personal appointments, as you can pick work back up afterwards.

Cuts Out the Commute

Commuting can take up a big chunk of your day. Working from home cuts out the 20-minute drive, 40-minute walk, over an hour’s train journey, or whatever it may be to get from home to work and back again. When at home you can be at work in a matter of minutes, meaning you can use the time you would spend on commuting on other tasks or activities.

Comfortable Environment

Working from your own home means you have control over the environment in which you work. If you don’t particularly enjoy working in a loud office, working from home provides the opportunity to tuck yourself away in a quiet room. Or, comparatively, if you work best in a loud environment, you can listen to music or the radio as loud as you like without distracting others.

Saves Money

No commute means saving a significant amount of money on travel costs. Be that saving money on fuel, on a train ticket or parking, this type of spending can be eradicated when working from home. Furthermore, alongside saving money, you are also reducing your environmental impact related to travelling to and from work every day.

Types of Jobs That Enable You to Work from Home

Understandably not all jobs provide the ability to work from home. So, if working from home is a major factor when deciding on your next job, the top roles to look out for include:

  1. Web Developer

Being based online, a web developer has the opportunity to work from anywhere that has a wifi connection.

  1. Virtual Assistant

With the majority of businesses being online these days there are plenty of administrative roles that you can undertake at home.

  1. Social Media Manager

Almost every company has a social media presence nowadays. Due to being entirely online, this role provides the ability to work from home, or anywhere you like.

  1. Data Entry

A considerable number of businesses require data entry daily. This can be related to tracking inventory, measuring performance or carrying out research.

  1. Freelance Writer

Businesses are continually producing content. This includes news articles, blogs or other website copy. Many companies are choosing to outsource this work as it can be such a big task, presenting the demand for this working from home role.

Things to Remember

Working from home may not be for everyone. It is essential to consider what type of environment you thrive within, how you best communicate, be that in zoom or in person, and how good you are at remaining motivated.

If you are someone that flourishes with social interaction and inspiration from others, then working in an office environment may be more suited to your needs. This is not to say you cannot work from home part of the time, but ultimately, it is important to choose a role that caters to your requirements in both the short and long term, not just because it sounds like a good idea.

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