Being out of employment, education or training is a really difficult situation. We have compiled a short list of support and resources to help get you back on your dream career pathway.

The catch-22 of being out of employment or training is that you need experience to get into work but can’t access work to get that experience. Here we have outlined a number routes back into action including any extra funding or advice to help you get there:

Find Volunteering

Most commonly, people find volunteer work by searching their local community for charitable organisations. More often than not, charities will be more than willing to take someone on in a volunteer capacity.

However, as outlined in our detailed volunteering guide, you should pursue roles that will give you appropriate experience. Such skills include using a till or organising other staff members or events. Volunteering can help improve your CV and improve or gain a variety of skills.

The site has a page dedicated to finding volunteering in your local area and is a good place to start if you aren’t sure where to find volunteer work near you.

One organisation,, has links to community or voluntary organisations and charities across the country, so you can find the right volunteer work for you.

Help for Young People

If young people are out of education from a young age, they are at high risk of being Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) for a significant portion of their lives. It is important that those children are given the attention and support necessary to stop them from facing significant barriers later in life.

To find tailored support, try talking to Youth Options, who offer one-on-one support to young people.

Job Application and CV

Knowing that many people who have been out of work for a long time will not recognise the job market today, we have written a range of dedicated resources. UK industry is moving faster than ever, so entering it after a long time out can seem daunting.

For help on what to say in the first stages of finding employment, see our job application tips. To see what employers are looking for in a modern CV, see our CV tips and template page.

Local Support

Local governments often have a range of resources to assist people returning to work, education or training. Some councils offer free training, one-on-one advice, or even funding.

To find your local council’s website, see this A-Z of councils online.


Oftentimes, it is housing insecurity that prevents people from securing stable employment. If you or someone you know is homeless, there are a range of resources you can access to find more secure housing. Several organisations across the UK are working hard to help homeless in a number of capacities.

Shelter are a fantastic resource for anyone needing advice or support to access housing.

Crisis also does a lot to assist those in situations such as facing homelessness, and also have an extensive volunteer program.

For more information, see our section dedicated to homelessness.