You might know you need a change but aren’t sure what or where. Read our quick guide to help you find the perfect next step for you.

Popular Roles

Older workers often have certain assets that help them to thrive in certain roles. These skills and experience help them to enter industries that other age groups stereotypically dominate.

Here is a quick list of ideas for roles that other older workers often access:

1. Management

Older workers’ greatest assets come in their experience working with a wide range of people. This sets them up to thrive in management positions. In turn, this allows you to access any emerging industry as you don’t need all the essential training to work on the ground.

2. Social Support

As people grow older, especially those that have had children or grandchildren, research suggests they become more patient and better communicators. This has always helped older workers to flourish in social settings.

In turn, you often see older workers taking up support capacities in childcare, medical institutions or community-based work.

3. Tutoring or Consulting

You have a wealth of experience that younger workers would pay thousands to have. Literally.

An increasing number of older workers are beginning to take on consulting, tutoring or mentoring to help other workers flourish in their roles. If you don’t feel able to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies, why not earn a living by helping those who can?

4. Flexible or Part-Time Work

Oftentimes, you might be in the perfect role for you but feel unable to keep going at the same capacity, or just no longer want to. In this scenario, an increasing number of older workers are requesting to make their hours more flexible, or just cut them permanently.

Popular Industries

Despite the wealth of benefits that older workers like yourself bring to the workplace, with the rapid rise of advanced technologies you are less likely to understand emerging skills compared to younger candidates. This is more common in technologically advanced sectors, or in the rapidly emerging digital industries.

This doesn’t mean that older workers can’t and do not still work within these industries, especially if the older worker has management experience. Despite this, there are a host of industries that older workers thrive in and make up a large percentage of the workforce:

1. Public Administration

Lots of experience working in numerous changing industries will help you see the big picture like no other age group can, which is something the public sector demands. Being able to work with a range of people to mediate and implement government policies in a range of forms is somewhere that many older workers thrive.

2. Health and Care

Having patience and understanding when dealing with patients is half of the work in the healthcare industry. This makes older workers ideal for almost any role, dependent on you having the right skills.

3. Education

It is no wonder that older workers choose to enter education more than anything else. Whether you are working with colleagues or young people, passing on your wealth of experience is rewarding for all parties.

4. Transport

Requiring a technical mind, that research suggests does not begin to deteriorate until at least your 70s, the transport sector is an easy choice for many older workers.