If you have been out of work for a while, trying to re-enter today’s job market can seem overwhelming. Read this guide to sooth your worries.

Every year there is an increasing number of experienced professionals re-entering the job market. This is because today’s economy is changing faster than ever, so many employees are having to transition and retrain.

As such, you are not alone in searching for a new career and perhaps being a bit rusty about what to look for or what to say. This guide will outline some of the steps to consider on your path back into your perfect career.


One of the most significant decisions you can make is to retrain. It might seem bizarre for someone with significant working experience, but what the norm a decade or two ago is not the norm now.

The world is changing rapidly, meaning that almost every industry is facing a growing skills gap. Demonstrating a willingness to take on some training will make you shine in comparison to the other candidates.

Even better, the government has modernised apprenticeships in recent years. This means you can get high quality training whilst earning a full wage. Additionally, employers will often allow more flexibility with apprenticeships, such that you could also extend the apprenticeship to make it part time.

Transferable Skills

When talking to potential employers, they will be aware of the fact you have been out of work for some time. This is not the point where you give up – you need to highlight that that time was spent working harder than ever, and now you have skills that those who aren’t parents don’t have.

Research found that parents who had spent a lot of time looking after children were dramatically more effective at multitasking and prioritising their workload. On top of that was a trend to be more hard-working and have greater communication skills, particularly those related to listening, patience and empathy.

If an employer criticises your time out demonstrate the wealth of skills you have acquired in that period.

Flexible Work

Going back to working a 40-hour week after a long time on leave with your family would be difficult for anyone. If you still have a wealth of responsibilities towards looking after your children, the double burden is overwhelming.

Finding inclusive employers, like those listed on our directory, will allow you to return to flexible work that could mean an easing back into the workplace. If the role allows it, you could request flexitime in which you agree to a certain number of hours but you can fulfil them at a time that suits you.

Develop Your CV

Getting your CV up to date is an essential step towards finding the right role for you.

Knowing that you may not have written a CV in a significant length of time, we have written a CV writing template and guide, dedicated to parents returning to work.