Flexi-Time describes a form of employment that allows for a flexible working schedule. Workers employed on a flexi-time contract typically work a set number of hours per week but are free to choose their own start and finish times.

Night Courses

Night courses describe a range of education and training programmes that typically run in the evenings to accommodate those who are required to work during the day. If you are interested in learning a new skill but need to fit training around existing commitments, taking a night course could be a great option.


Part-time work is a form of employment that requires fewer working hours than a full-time job. Part-time hours can vary, but typically workers employed on a part-time contract should expect to spend fewer than 30 hours per week at work.


Redundancy is a form of dismissal from employment that happens when employers are required to reduce their workforce or upon the closure of the whole business. Facing redundancy can be a worrisome process. If you are need of support and advice, visit our dedicated redundancy assistance page.

Redundancy Package

A redundancy package describes the compensation provided by an employer to employees that have been made redundant. A redundancy package mainly consists of the statutory redundancy pay, but could also include other forms of compensation such as funds to cover a training course fee to help further your career prospects.

Remote Working

Remote working describes a working style that allows employees to work outside of a traditional workplace setting, most commonly in their home. Remote working is a term that has become increasingly common since the emergence of Covid-19 and government-enforced lockdowns across the globe. Visit our dedicated guide to find out more about why the switch to working from home could be the right choice for you.


Severance describes the termination of employment that occurs when an employee is dismissed, through no fault of their own, before the end of their employment contract. Severance is a general term that applies to situations involving employment termination, including redundancy. People facing severance from their employment can expect to receive severance pay as a form of compensation.


Transferable-skills describe the abilities, talents and attributes someone has acquired through spending time in a particular role, that can be adapted to succeeding in a new position. Transferable-skills is a term that is frequently expressed when exploring career change opportunities.

Voluntary Redundancy

Voluntary redundancy is the voluntary resignation of an employee from their place of work that often happens when a business is downsizing. Employers may offer voluntary redundancy as a means to avoid making compulsory redundancies. Sometimes there are extra incentives that may encourage employees to take voluntary redundancy, such as extra redundancy pay, or waiving the notice period.

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