If you are NEET, you may have never applied to a job, or it may have been a while. Things change every year so, either way, you have come to the right place.

The rise in NEET young people is a crisis, but there are jobs out there that will understand your circumstances and give you a chance if you are willing to take it. The fact you are reading this guide demonstrates your desire to make a change, and by following this advice you will get where you want to go.

Applying for a Job After an Extended Period of Unemployment

If you are older and have just been out of work for an extended period, knowing your reasonings will be enough for an employer. However, some may ask you to take a pay cut until you get up to speed with working life.

Go for Expanding Industries

From the off, if you are unsure or just don’t mind which industry you enter, try your best to find one that is expanding. That will give you scope to grow with the industry and if you undertake any training you will be set up for stable employment for the rest of your life.

Such industries include anything related to digital or emerging technologies. This does not necessarily have to be in computing as many industries use digital and emerging technologies, including automation and AI. Therefore, if you can manage to get involved in the digital arm of a company you will be able to easily move to another company after gaining some experience if you so wish.

Have Answers Ready

Many good employers will not worry over your time out of work, but they will be obligated to enquire about it. As long as you have a clear answer ready that explains the skills you learnt in that period and why you were NEET, you will have no issues.

For a detailed guide on discussing a career break, see our page dedicated to those who have been out of work for several years.

Transferable Skills

Whatever you have been doing in the past, the job market has changed a lot, so if you have any experience or skills from previous work they may not clearly translate today. Make sure you consider and have answers ready that address which of your skills, such as communication, leadership and dedication, can transfer to the role you are applying for.

These do not have to come from work experience, but whatever you have been doing in your time out of education, employment and training.

Open to Training

The rapid rise of skills gaps across the UK is a headache for companies, but a lifeline for those who have been out of work or education. If you are an apt candidate who is willing to train you can be their perfect solution to filling an emerging skills gap.

Interview Tips

Something we say to every one of our users, come prepared. Employers have to look into every little detail during interviews. As such, if you are a minute late because you didn’t look up where you had to go, don’t know anything about the company, or don’t have any questions prepared you may immediately be dismissed.

This is because they view these minor details as demonstrations of your character. They may seem insignificant to you, but they could be the difference between you getting the job and not.