If you or a family member were formerly incarcerated or are currently involved in the UK criminal justice system, we have developed a guide just for you.

Changing Perceptions of Ex-Offenders in the Job Market

In recent years the public has become increasingly aware of the damage the ‘double-sentence’ of preventing ex-offenders from finding employment. This means that there are more and more options for those looking for a second chance with a criminal record.

One issue is not having clear and comprehensive guidance and advice that you can rely on to make sure you take the right next steps for you. In this guide we have compiled everything you need to know to get back on your feet, and where to find any extra support you might need.

Getting Back Into Work

If you or a family member has been out of work for a considerable amount of time, the current job market can seem overwhelming.

In our back-to-work guide we outline the changes in recent years and the opportunities that those changes present to an ex-offender.

Career Opportunities

Where an ex-offender might feel ready to go back to work, it is essential to make sure that next step is the right one.

In our career guide for the formerly incarcerated we have listed the steps you should take to maximise your future potential. This will see you find an inclusive employer who will not discriminate against you due to past mistakes. Furthermore, it will make sure you enter a career that you value and values you.

Support and Resources

Knowing what to do is not the same as being able to do it. Sometimes we have issues or challenges that we can’t face alone.

In our list of support and resources, we describe what is available to you or your family and where you can find it.

Job Application Tips

After establishing the best next steps for you, you need advice on how to succeed. Perseverance is essential but it’s wasted if you are not following the vital tips that are necessary to getting the job.

As such, we have drawn up our top tips for approaching a new job application. Luckily, they are clear and easy to follow but are proven to dramatically increase your chances of getting that dream job.

CV Template

Most experienced professionals struggle with their CV. Having a criminal record, a large employment gap and not having made one in years can make the task doubly challenging.

Fortunately, we have outlined some simple advice and steps you should take to give your CV the best chance of success. With many employers getting hundreds of applicants for each CV, you can’t afford to miss anything. Our CV guide makes sure you don’t have to worry.