There are a few ways that homeless people can access funding for housing, training or other reasons. To see what’s available and where to find it, read this dedicated guide.

Government & Alternative Funding For Homeless People

If you are homeless, it is really difficult to get yourself out of the cycle of poverty that you are encased in. Often, even those with access to a job cannot afford stable housing due to the nature of zero hours contracts.

This means that many people, at one time or another, may need to look towards accessing funding to help them get moving on the right track again. There are a number of different options you can look towards, but often they vary massively depending on your locality and what organisations are operating there.


First and foremost, you should try your best to get in touch with any charities operating nearby. A lot of the time funding from a range of channels, whether they are private or public, are funnelled into charities for them to distribute as they see fit.

As such, getting in touch with as many charities, whether they are local or national, as possible will hopefully see you access the funding you need. Making the case to them regarding how you will use the funding will go a long way. Furthermore, if they come out with new programs and know you were eligible, having your name and contact details in their system will see you access funding as soon as it’s available.


One of the most well-established charities that support homeless people in the UK is Shelter. This organisation is a charity who specifically aid those with unstable living conditions, including homelessness. As such, they have a range of avenues to assist you, including potentially providing you with

Cash in a Crisis is one of their programs to assist you if you have had a sudden drop in income and could cover any costs for yours or your family’s living essentials.

Homeless Link

Another charity set up to end homelessness in the UK is Homeless Link. If you talk to them, they can redirect you to appropriate homelessness services in your area in which you might be able to access the necessary funding.

Government Benefits

Depending on your circumstances, the government has a range of benefits to help you with specific problems. These is not specifically geared towards the homeless, such as Universal Credit or housing benefits, but are things you can access, nonetheless. As mentioned previously, most government funding is channelled into charities.


Getting in touch with your local Jobcentre is an absolute must. They will have extensive connections to all the local organisations that could see you getting free training or even stable employment.

Colleges and Training Providers

If you look around your locality, you might find a number of colleges or training providers. These educational institutions will know exactly what employers are looking for and often have free programs to help people with low incomes to access funding for training.

If you can get in touch with a college or training provider, not only might you get funding for an education course, but they might know someone willing to offer you an apprenticeship or employment.