The best way to prevent the chance of re-offending is to settle the formerly incarcerated in a positive, supporting and stable environment. Find out how that can be formed for you.

The public is increasingly aware of how everyone benefits when ex-offenders are given the opportunity to establish themselves a stable life. The primary way to do that is find quality employment, of which there are a large number of organisations to assist ex-offenders.

Reducing the Likelihood of Re-Offending

However, there are several different requirements towards creating a completely positive environment that will ensure you get that second chance you deserve. As such, there are a number of other support services available to ex-offenders that we have also listed below.

For training solutions, read our comprehensive guide about getting back into work.


The most common form of support for the formerly incarcerated comes through assistance in finding employment. This can come in a variety of structures and services.

Tailored one-on-one guidance and support, specialising in personal development through volunteering placements.

Based in the North West of England, they help ex-offenders find employment or establish themselves as self-employed.

You can also take a look at our own jobs board and jobs for ex-offenders and jobs for ex-offenders in London.

General Advice

They have a dedicated helpline to assist and advise in resettlement for ex-offenders, serving prisoners, their families and friends.

Offer support with the challenges related to having a criminal record and how to overcome them.


Based in Scotland, they are solely concerned with supporting the families affected by imprisonment.

A helpline supporting families in England and Wales who have a family member who is in contact with the criminal justice system.


Run by women, this charity provides specialist services to women affected by the criminal justice system, both in and out of prison.

Helping ex-offenders who are women to transition into stable employment.

Young Offenders

A national network of mentors who provide advice and targeted specialist support.

YMCA works to support young offenders with citizenship and training opportunities pre-release.

Helping young people in any way possible, with no prejudice.


St Giles has a contact centre that not only provides information and advice but a signposting service to the appropriate resettlement pathways.

If you need help with housing rights, harassment, eviction, payments or more, Shelter will find a way to help.

Mental Health

They provide general mental health support to anyone who needs it, including ex-offenders.

Helpline for information and advice for all those associated with mental health issues, including family members, carers and friends of the sufferer.