Parenthood always has and always will throw life plans, commitments and responsibilities in the air. Our guidance gives you a hand catching them.

Pregnancy Rights in Work

Becoming pregnant changes your rights at work. In particular, you are now carrying a child, meaning that your employer must consider your work to be impacting them too.

To see precisely what changes this incurs, read our guide on pregnancy and work.

Single or Lone Parents

Raising a child is difficult. Doing it on your own is significantly harder.

Read what support you can access as a single or lone parent, including where to find it.

Types of Maternity Leave

The options regarding Maternity Leave and Maternity Pay are confusing.

Our dedicated guide clearly outlines all the information you need to make an informed choice about the best step for you and your new family.

Paternity and Shared Leave

Growing in prevalence in recent years is the choice of the non-pregnant partner to take on early child rearing responsibilities. This has led to a call for more options for the partner to take, including an option to combine the maternity and paternity leave.

To find out what options you have available to you, see our dedicated guide.

Options for Adoption

Being pregnant isn’t the only way you can have a child. If you are in the process of adopting a child, you will need to know what rights and programs you can access.

Largely, adoption has similar rights to pregnancy in regards to work, but there are some essential differences. Find out what they are with our information discussing all there is to know about adoption leave.

External Advice and Guidance

Sometimes you need extra support, be they financial or just advisory. We have sourced all the top organisations for anything you might need in your journey through your pregnancy and work as a parent.

To access this guide, just go to our support and resources for parents page.

Tips for Applying to Jobs

If you have been out of the world of work for some time, the market moves so quickly it can seem overwhelming. However, it moves fast for everyone and employers understand that.

As such, as long as you follow our few quick tips on job applications, you have nothing to worry about.

CV Advice for Parents

Writing a CV is difficult. If you haven’t done one in a while or are now looking for a new role that is more flexible, you will need a refresher on how to write a CV.

Not to worry, we have not only outlined some essential tips for a great CV but what a parent will benefit from including or omitting. To find this advice, head to our CV Template page.