6 Amazing Benefits Of Changing Careers

Written by Nicola Wylie
Last updated November 7, 2022

In an age of ‘quiet quitting,’ ‘acting your wage,’ and the Great Resignation, the UK workforce seems less engaged than ever. As a result, almost a third of UK workers are considering a career change in 2022. While this may spell disaster for employers desperately seeking ways to retain top talent, the benefits of changing careers are huge.

This article looks at 6 unexpected benefits of a career change on both a personal and professional level. Let’s get started.



6 Surprising Benefits Of Changing Careers

Switching careers is a daunting prospect at any stage in your career. Let’s face it, there is a lot to consider. From the fear of failure to financial concerns to stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s certainly not a decision to take lightly. That said, the advantages most definitely outweigh the cons, especially if you’re feeling unfulfilled or disengaged in your current career.

Here are 6 reasons why changing careers is good.

1. Improved Earning Potential 

As the cost of living soars across the UK, compensation is more important than ever. The average employee will see an increase of around 3 to 5% per year if they stay with the same employer. However, workers have a higher chance of a salary increase when they change companies or career paths. Companies will usually offer an attractive compensation package to attract top talent and you will also have the opportunity to negotiate your salary if you’re successful.  

Even if you opt for a career change job with no experience, you may still boost your earning potential if the role has development opportunities.

In short, changing careers can increase your chances of getting a significant salary bump, especially as a career changer with a strong set of transferable skills.


2. Grow Your Skillset

While compensation is important, it is not the only driver behind a change in career. Many workers make the decision to pivot careers because of a lack of learning and development opportunities. This tells us that a large number of UK workers feel unfulfilled at work. 

Changing careers offers unfulfilled workers the chance to develop their skills and take on new challenges. As a result, they have the chance to grow professionally and improve their future employability in a competitive job market. 


3. Re-Ignite Your Spark

Following on from our point above, one of the benefits of changing careers is re-igniting your spark. After years in the same field, it’s easy to become complacent or bored at work. This is especially true when your options for career progression are limited. By making a career switch, you get a new lease on life. Not only do you learn a whole new skill set, but you get to discover new talents you didn’t know you had.

Considering that many of us choose a career in our early twenties, it’s hardly surprising that we may want to try something new. Switching careers is the opportunity to get excited about work again. You could even consider an unusual or alternative job to really get your creative juices flowing.


4. Work Around Existing Commitments 

We’ve spoken a lot about how changing careers can advance your career or save you from stagnation, but the opposite is also true. Many career changers, especially older workers, are actually looking for a less demanding role. Whether it’s due to family commitments, health reasons, or just a change in pace, a career change can help you find a job that better suits your lifestyle. 

Put simply, not all career changers want to advance their career. For some, the goal is to find a low-stress job with more work-life balance and flexible working options. Either way, a switch in careers can help you align your career with your lifestyle.


5. Break Free from a Toxic Workplace

As the saying goes, “a change is as good as a rest”. After years in the same industry, job role, or company, it’s common to feel burnt out – especially in toxic work cultures. That’s where a career change can make all the difference.

By changing your environment, you can actually relieve the symptoms of burnout and increase your performance. The change of scenery can lead to new-found energy and enthusiasm for working and a host of new colleagues to bounce off. And we’re not talking about moving to a whole new city. Even a small change can do the trick. For instance, if you’re a Londoner who loves Brixton, you may want to look for career change jobs in London and stay in your area of choice.


6. Build Your Network

Your professional network is one of your biggest resources when it comes to finding new opportunities. And one of the biggest benefits of changing careers is the opportunity to network. As you begin your new career, you will meet new contacts who can mentor you, refer you, and become close friends and colleagues over time.  

Not sure if a career change is right for you? Read our article on the signs it’s time to switch careers.



Final Thoughts

The benefits of changing careers are huge. As the UK workforce continues to age, feeling fulfilled at work is more important than ever. Making a career switch gives you the opportunity to grow professionally and align your career with your lifestyle and values. Whether you’re looking for career advancement, better compensation, or learning opportunities, a career change can get you there.

At Refreshing a Career, we believe it’s never too late to start again. Our goal is to empower career changers to leverage their transferable skills and find their dream role. To guide you, we have put together a wealth of valuable resources on our website, including a comprehensive career change guide. You’ll also find CV writing tips, interview tips, and guidance on dealing with gaps in your CV

For further advice, check out our resources on changing careers or browse our live job board for career change opportunities near you.

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