How Can We Help Career Changers?

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated July 12, 2021

Choosing to change your career is a giant leap of faith and one that you can’t do alone. We know that many career changers don’t know where to turn for advice; there is plenty of support for those starting in their careers, but less for those searching for a new one altogether.

Refreshing a Career was created entirely for this reason. We wanted to create a resource hub, jobs platform, and community of employers dedicated to supporting those taking a risk and changing their careers for a myriad of reasons. 

In this article, we have selected some of the things our site can do for career changers and some of the ways we can help. 

What Can Refreshing a Career Do For a Career-Changer?  

Is there a reason you are changing your career?  

We can help you by understanding why you are changing your career and then providing specifically tailored advice based on that reason. Refreshing a career supports seven groups of job seekers, including: 

It may be that you are choosing to change your career because you identify within one of the above categories and therefore are returning to work after a period of absence. We know that the challenges faced by new mothers choosing to find a new career are very different from those faced by ex-military personnel trying to navigate a new working life. That’s why we have created specific guides to suit different needs.  

Take Advice from Our Resource Hub

Our website is packed full of free and fair information for career changers. All of our blogs, guides, and articles are aimed at supporting you through this transition and finding a new career that is meaningful and fulfilling. Perhaps you need to brush up on your rights as a redundant worker, or you need help settling into working from home; maybe you want to know how to disclose your difficult past during a job application or help finding a job that greater aligns with your values. Whatever it is, we have resources to help you through. 

Think About Training and Education 

Retraining and returning to education is a large and essential part of their journey for many career changers. Perhaps you have discovered a new passion but need some formal qualifications to undertake it as a career, or you are desperate to try something new and return to the classroom. Whatever your reasons are, training and education can be extremely helpful for career changers and may even be a necessary part of your transition. 

Our website has plenty of information on retraining, so you can find everything you need in one place. We have information on adult apprenticeships and internships, attending the Open University, studying part-time and flexible learning. We strongly believe that learning and developing skills should be a part of all people’s careers, not just young people. 

Have a Look at Our Jobs Board  

Finally, one of the most practical ways to help is by connecting you to career opportunities with employers who care about career changers. Each employer who joins our site does so because they are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They want to encourage all different people to come and work for them, from all different career backgrounds. 

You can find live opportunities here.

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