Civil Service Jobs For Veterans

The civil service offers tremendous career opportunities for veterans across its over 400 public sector organisations in the UK. From policy to project management, civil service roles align brilliantly with veterans’ skills and dedication to public service. Read on to find out more about civil service jobs for veterans.

Civil Service Great Place to Work for Veterans Scheme

The civil service aims to recruit former armed forces members through its Great Place to Work for Veterans scheme. This initiative gives veterans a leg up in the application process, allowing those meeting minimum criteria to progress to the next stage of the hiring process, i.e. interviews or online tests.

The goal of the Great Place to Work for Veterans scheme is to incentivise talented candidates from the military to continue their public service as civil servants. After all, they bring a wide range of transferable skills gained through armed forces experience. While preferential treatment is given, all final hiring decisions still come down to merit.

Transferable Skills

When applying, focus on translating your military skills, qualifications, ranks, and accomplishments into civilian terminology. Use your CV to demonstrate how you were able to hone in-demand soft skills like dedication, teamwork, and problem-solving during your service. It’s also beneficial to play up leadership experiences from managing troops, coordinating operations, or making high-stakes decisions. The civil service values recruits who can maintain composure under pressure – a key strength drilled through military training.

Civil Service Jobs for Veterans

With these transferable skills under your belt, there is a wide range of civil service professions and departments where you could put them to good use.

Here are some of the jobs in the civil service for veterans where you could find your passion:

  • Commercial and Procurement
  • Government Counter Fraud
  • Government Communication Service
  • Government Digital & Data
  • Government Economic Service
  • Government Finance Function
  • Government Knowledge & Information Management
  • Government Legal
  • Project Management & Delivery Function
  • Government Property Function

These are just a few of the many professions that make up the civil service. For more information on these jobs in the civil service for ex-military and more, visit the Civil Service Careers website.

Finding Civil Service Jobs for Ex-Military

Begin your search now with the Refreshing a Career civil service jobs board for veterans. It’s packed with the latest jobs for ex-military in your area.

Our dedicated Ex-Military Hub offers support and resources for veterans looking to retrain or refresh their skills. It also includes pages on mental health support and job application tips.

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