Jobs for Ex-Airline Pilots

Becoming a pilot is the dream of many children from a young age, on par with becoming an astronaut or a doctor. However, like everything else in life, reality sets in over time. Yes, there are plenty of perks to being an airline pilot like travelling the world, an excellent salary, and a flexible schedule. But there are also a number of disadvantages. Many pilots complain about long, irregular hours, a physical toll on the body, and missing out on important family time, among other things.

There are many jobs for ex-pilots if you’re thinking about making a career change. As a pilot, you’ve gained a host of transferable skills whilst on the job. Pilots work well with stringent rules and procedures, they must follow safety protocols to a tee, and they know how to manage a team. They also have great attention to detail, are able to manage big picture situations, and can absorb lots of new information in short periods of time.

Jobs for Ex-Pilots

Perhaps you’d like to move on from airlines but continue flying. Or maybe you’re ready for a complete career change and are considering working on the ground. We’ve put together a list of some of the best jobs for former pilots so you can see what’s available up there and down here.

Jobs for Ex-Airline Pilots: In the Sky

There are plenty of other job options available for pilots who are no longer interested in flying for passenger airlines. We’ve put together a few jobs for ex-airline pilots who don’t want to give up their wings just yet.

Aircraft Ferrying

Aircraft ferrying has to be one of the best jobs for former airline pilots. You get to continue flying and enjoying the spectacular views in your day-to-day, without the drawbacks such as the delays caused by passengers embarking and disembarking.

Your job would involve delivering aircraft to destinations all across the globe, stopping at airfields and major airports to refuel, and delivering the goods.

Ambulance & Rescue

If you’re looking for something more exciting which would involve saving lives while you fly, why not consider a job as an ambulance and rescue pilot.

You will assist with emergency rescue and medical transport services. Your new crew will be made up of doctors and trauma teams, who provide emergency medical assistance to rescued patients.

Jobs for Ex-Airline Pilots: On the Ground

If the time has come to give up your wings and move away from flying, there’s no shortage of other jobs for ex-pilots. As we previously mentioned, you have a wealth of transferable skills that will make you a valuable asset in a wide range of other positions.

Managerial Roles

Managers are leaders. They lead teams whilst also helping them grow. Good managers maintain control over their business and its performance at the same time.

As a pilot, you will have learned how to be a strong leader. Your multitasking skills will be second to none and you will be able to adapt quickly to new situations. These skills will transfer well to any management role. Another plus is that you will have a much better work-life balance.

Health and Safety Officer

The role of a health and safety officer is to ensure that employers and their staff comply with safety legislation. They are the ones who make sure that the workplace is a safe environment for everyone.

Your skills in understanding and analysing complex information will be necessary here. You’ll also need strong attention to detail and be able to understand regulations. The implementation and adherence to safety procedures will be essential, so strong communication skills are also a must.

Finding Jobs for Ex-Airline Pilots

There’s a host of jobs for ex-pilots out there. Whether you want to continue in the skies or come down to ground level, knowing how to emphasise your transferable skillset will open up many doors for you. Refreshing a Career has tons of jobs for ex-airline pilots so be sure to check out our live jobs board for up-to-date information as well as help and advice for career changers.

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