Jobs For Ex-Builders

One of the main obstacles for builders looking for a career change is the lack of relevant experience in the new career path. That being said, there are a large number of career change jobs for builders provided you are aware of the transferable skills you bring to the new position.

We’ll take a look at the skills and abilities of ex-builders and some of the best jobs for an easy switch from the construction industry into your new career.

Skills of Builders

Builders gain a wealth of skills during their time on the construction site. These can be divided into three categories:

  • Hard skills – strictly defined and can be measured and certified
  • Technical skills – knowing how to use specific machinery or programs
  • Soft skills (or transferable skills) – skills that can be translated successfully to other jobs are known as

Hard skills and technical skills will be specific to each builder and are generally related solely to the construction industry. On the other hand, knowing how to emphasise your transferable skills will allow you to easily find jobs in different industries. Common transferable skills possessed by builders include:

  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Active listening
  • Willingness to learn
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Communication
  • Organization

With these transferable skills in mind, we’ll now delve into some possible career change jobs that would suit former builders.

Career Change Jobs For Builders

Former builders looking for career change jobs outside of the construction sector have a number of options available to them. We’ve compiled a list of a variety of job titles that would suit people with your skillset.

Supply Chain Supervisor

Supply Chain Supervisors work in industries like shipping and logistics. They are responsible for overseeing and managing the company’s overall supply chain and logistics strategy. They supervise operations in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. In addition, supply chain supervisors play a vital role in developing and maintaining good relationships with vendors and distributors.

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Managers tend to work in places like apartment complexes, schools, office buildings, and hospitals. They are in charge of general maintenance and manage activities for the repair of buildings, landscapes, and offices. Common duties include tracking expenses, reporting progress, and assigning schedules to other employees.

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for planning and allocating resources, drawing up budgets, and monitoring progress on projects within a company. At the same time, they must keep stakeholders informed throughout the entire project lifecycle. Good project managers must have excellent communication skills to be able to bring a company’s vision to life while also leading a team.

Security Guard

With some retraining, a career change to a security guard could be a relatively smooth transition for a builder. You can expect to work in places like public buildings, retail stores, office buildings or guarding specific people. Responsibilities include monitoring specific areas, expelling trespassers and writing up reports about any occurrences which take place during their shift.

Finding Jobs For Ex-Builders

A career in construction can take its toll on builders with long hours, physically strenuous work and potentially dangerous work environments. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for builders to seek out career change jobs.

Refreshing a Career has a ton of help and advice for builders looking for a career change. Check out our live jobs board for regularly-posted positions. We have dedicated pages on topics like choosing the right career for you and settling into a new career later in life.

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