Jobs for Ex-Cabin Crew

Working as a cabin crew member for an airline is not a job that just anyone can do. It involves long hours, lots of time away from home and an irregular work schedule. Depending on the airline you work for, salaries can be quite low for a job which requires a wide range of skills.

As a flight attendant, you must have good communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to remain calm in emergencies and under pressure. Flight attendants must be assertive yet have diplomacy and tact. They must also be able to stay cheery and pleasant after a long shift on their feet.

The skills required to work as a flight attendant are highly sought after by employers. It’s important to know how to emphasise these transferable skills when searching for other jobs for former cabin crew.

Best Jobs for Ex Flight Attendants

If you’re looking for a career change as a former cabin crew member, it’s helpful to know what kinds of jobs would suit your skillset. Here are some of the best jobs for ex flight attendants.

1. EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

Flight attendants are responsible for the safety of the passengers on board. This requires them to have completed first responder training in the event of an emergency.

Many skills required to become an EMT match those of a flight attendant such as remaining calm in high-pressure scenarios. You’ll continue to work with and help people. It’s also an exciting job that rarely has one day like the other.

2. Sales Professional

A large part of working as a flight attendant is using interpersonal and communication skills. Flight attendants deal with people from all walks of life. They are professionals in reading people and making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

This transfers very well to a job in sales. Sales professionals work in a similar way on a daily basis. The difference is that they show the value of the relationship they build and simply link it to the product or service they’re selling.

3. Travel Blogger

If working with people happened to be one of the aspects that you’d rather steer away from as a former flight attendant, maybe a travel blogger would suit you. You would use your wealth of experience from travelling around the globe to write your travel blog.

Many flight attendants use social media to share their lives as they work. They write about and photograph beautiful places they travel to while on the job. This, linked with excellent communication skills, would serve as a great basis for a travel blog.

From there, it’s also common to get into professional photography.

Finding Best Jobs for Ex-Cabin Crew

There are many jobs for former flight attendants out there. The skillset acquired while working as a flight attendant also transfer excellently to other jobs.

Our live job board has tons of jobs for ex cabin crew in your area, so keep checking back regularly.  In the meantime, our website has a wealth of support and resources for those looking to change careers.

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