Jobs For Ex-Hairdressers

Have you been thinking about a career change and the best jobs for ex-hairdressers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll delve into the types of jobs that would suit former hairdressers and what transferable skills you bring to the table.

A career in hairdressing can become quite monotonous over time. What may have begun as an exciting way to meet new people every day and make over people’s looks can quickly become stressful and even boring. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for many hairdressers to consider making a career change. But, what transferable skills have you gained?

Skills of a Hairdresser

On top of the technical skills that hairdressers must learn to do their job well, such as cutting, shaping, colouring and styling, there are numerous transferable skills that make a great hairdresser. Above all, hairdressers are excellent listeners and great communicators. They must be able to take a client’s mental image and make it a reality. Hairdressers are great “people people” as their days are spent working with the public and in a team alongside their colleagues. Finally, the best hairdressers are adaptable and constantly on top of the latest styles and trends.

These transferable skills are highly valued by potential employers, even more than the technical skills needed to be a hairdresser. Knowing how to emphasise these skills in job interviews could make all the difference when it comes to landing a job.

Career Change Jobs For Hairdressers

Now that we’ve covered the soft skills that hairdressers possess, let’s take a look at where they could be put to good use. Here are some of the best jobs for former hairdressers to give you an idea of what’s out there:

Corporate Trainer

If you’d like to remain within the cosmetics industry and feel like you’ve got the experience necessary to train other hairdressers, then a job as a corporate trainer might be just the career change job you need. You can expect to travel to different salons or spas, teaching their employees about products, new beauty techniques, or general guidelines. Some further retraining may be necessary but would be provided by the employer.

Pet Groomer

If you’re an animal lover and fancy less chatter during your hairdressing sessions, why not consider a job as a pet groomer? You already possess all of the technical skills and tools necessary. If you take the time to build your own clientele, you’ll likely be able to set your own hours and charge by the hour.

Beauty Therapist

Rather than working with hair, beauty therapists concentrate on their client’s skin, hands and feet. If you enjoy the atmosphere of the salon but want to try your hand at something other than hairdressing, this could be the career change job for you. It may be necessary to do some retraining by attending part-time college or university but it will provide you with even more skills and expertise in the industry.


Electrologists specialise in skin care and hair removal. You can expect to perform tasks like eyebrow shaping, hairline adjustments, removal of hair, and skincare treatments. Short training courses are available which provide you with the knowledge and expertise to work in this sector of the industry. It would be common to start out working for an employer but, over time, build your clientele and increase your earning potential.

Event Planner

If you‘d like to step away from the beauty industry completely, your transferable skills could make you a great event planner. Event planners have excellent organisational skills as well as attention to detail. They are fantastic communicators and leaders who work well in a team. You’ll plan people’s most important events like weddings, parties, and other special occasions. It’s a high-stress, high-reward kind of job so patience and high interpersonal skills are essential.

Finding Best Jobs For Ex-Hairdressers

It’s never too late to consider a career change from hairdressing. There are many alternative jobs for hairdressers and your transferable skills will make you a valuable asset to many employers.

Refreshing a Career has tons of help and advice for career changers. Check out our live jobs board for regularly-posted positions. We have dedicated pages on topics like choosing the right career for you and settling into a new career later in life.

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